North Royalton, OH: Proposal to repeal BSL

North Royalton, OH, is working on repealing their BSL. Their city law mirrored the old Ohio state law by automatically categorizing “pit bulls” as vicious dogs. The city has rewritten their dog ordinances to more closely resemble the new, breed-neutral state law.

You can read the new proposed dog ordinance here:

This ordinance has had a second reading and will next be discussed by the Safety Committee on June 5.

Please show the council your support for BSL repeal:;;;;;;

Lack of leash could hurt North Royalton dog owners

Published: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 5:30 PM
By Scott Patsko, Sun News

NORTH ROYALTON: […] A third ordinance dealing with dog behavior, specifically vicious and dangerous dogs, was sent to a second reading and will be discussed further by the Safety Committee on June 5.

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