Strongsville, OH: Proposal to repeal BSL

Strongsville, OH, is working on repealing their BSL. Their city law mirrored the old Ohio state law by automatically categorizing “pit bulls” as vicious dogs. The city has rewritten their dog ordinances to more closely resemble the new, breed-neutral state law.

The first reading of the ordinance took place this week. The ordinance is expected to be approved at the next council meeting (June 4). You can read the revised ordinance here (begins on pg 42):

Please encourage and thank the city council for moving ahead with BSL repeal:

Pit Bulls Welcome Again in Strongsville

No more restrictions on the controversial breed

By Debbie Palmer

Pit bulls are no longer considered vicious in Ohio, and soon they won’t be in Strongsville, either.

The city is amending its vicious dog ordinance to reflect new changes in the state law, which — as of this week — does not automatically classify the pit bull breed as “vicious” dogs. […]

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