Maryland: Legislative task force formed to study effects of court ruling

Legislators in Maryland have created a Joint Task Force to study the potential fallout from the recent discriminatory court decision in Tracey v Solesky.

You can be sure that pro-BSL groups like PETA will send the task force members plenty of misinformation to support the discriminatory ruling. In fact, they already have. Read PETA’s outrageous pro-BSL letter to MD lawmakers here. (PDF) And we all know the name of the infamous pro-BSL website that provided the tinder for the discriminatory Solesky court ruling in the first place. The owner of that website is undoubtably contacting MD lawmakers as well.

You can combat the misinformation being spread by these groups by sending respectful, informative communications to the task force that demonstrate why the Solesky court decision is discriminatory, expensive, and dangerous.

Contact info for task force legislators:;;;;;;;;;

Maryland Lawmakers Form Pit Bull Task Force

Posted: May 30, 2012 5:51 PM CDT

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) – Maryland lawmakers will review the impact of a ruling by the state’s highest court that concluded pit bulls are an inherently dangerous breed and consider legislation in response, the presiding officers of the Maryland General Assembly announced Wednesday. […]

The task force will review state law, the court’s decision and laws in other states. The panel also will review the viability and definition of breed-specific standards in Maryland law, a dog owner or landlord’s ability to secure property insurance and existing breed-specific prohibitions in local jurisdictions in Maryland. […]

Senators on the panel will include: Brian Frosh, D-Montgomery, Lisa Gladden, D-Baltimore, Joseph Getty, R-Carroll, Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery and Norman Stone, D-Baltimore County. Delegates on the task force will be Curt Anderson, D-Baltimore, Eric Bromwell, D-Baltimore County, Benjamin Kramer, D-Montgomery, Heather Mizeur, D-Montgomery, and Michael Smigiel, R-Cecil.

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3 responses to “Maryland: Legislative task force formed to study effects of court ruling

  1. they are fighting this like they are fighting.the war on drugs. look at the.other end.of the leash and rhe source of the problem will be.apparent. it is the human who decides what kind of dog the pit and other “bully breeds” will grow up to be. they all start innocent and learn to do what their humans want.

  2. Gwen Craig

    People wake up! It’s not the dog, it’s the human!

  3. devon leftridge

    I work at a boarding kennel just today alone I baithed 21 dogs 7 were pit bulls out of all 3 tried to bite during the drying process. Guess what! Not one was a pit they were dogs 40 pounds and under. I have been around many pit breed dogs and never have any of them harmed anyone. Boo my sons favorite play mate when he was younger was afraid of cats.look at the owner not the breed and remember a lot of good people own this breed I work with them every day