Hagerstown, MD update: Council backs away from BSL, for now

Hagerstown, MD, announced proposed BSL earlier this week. After a June 5 work session, council says it will consider creating a leash law (for all breeds) instead.

Council has decided to put off any decision on the BSL until the state legislature’s “pit bull” task force (formed to discuss the ramifications of the recent MD court case) has a chance to address the issue.

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Hagerstown City Council puts pit-bull ordinance on hold

Members came to the consensus that they should seek a citywide leash law for owners of all dogs

June 05, 2012|By C.J. LOVELACE | cj.lovelace@herald-mail.com

During a discussion Tuesday on a proposed ordinance that would place strict liability on pit bull-type dog owners and their landlords in the event of an animal bite, the Hagerstown City Council agreed it may be barking up the wrong tree.

The situation — in response to a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling in April that pit bull-type dogs are “inherently dangerous” and more aggressive than other dogs — creates a “slippery slope” because it singles out one breed, Councilman Lewis C. Metzner said. […]

Councilman William Breichner urged the council to put off a formal decision until the state task force examines the issue. […]

Full article retrieved 6/7/12 from http://articles.herald-mail.com/2012-06-05/news/32061399_1_pit-bull-ordinance-pit-bull-type-dog-owners

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