Taylor, MI: Residents push for BSL

Some residents of Taylor, MI, are asking the city to pass BSL or a breed ban.

The news article below hints that this may be a more news media-driven issue than anything, especially when the news outlet says “Online, two posts on The News-Herald Newspapers’ Facebook page netted 86 comments as of Friday…” Yes, folks, the news media is counting, and they know that controversy drives traffic, which drives advertising revenue. Expect them to keep stirring the pot.

Residents and locals, please respectfully and calmly contact the city council and let them know that you would not support any breed-specific measures.
Contact info for city council:
23555 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI 48180
Phone: (734) 374-1320
Fax: (734) 374-1305
cburke4taylor@gmail.com; brandanaj@comcast.net; jackiemolner@comcast.net; johnedelo@aol.com; suefitzpatrick311@gmail.com; dstaple417@aol.com; r_sollars@kutritemfg.com

TAYLOR: Pit bull attack sparks debate over safety of the breed

Published: Friday, June 08, 2012
By David Komer

TAYLOR — [… Taylor resident Elizabeth] Smith has since requested toughening city ordinances, such as requiring registration or muzzles for specific breeds like pit bulls.

[…] “People need to know they are bred for one thing,” [Taylor resident Mark] Gersky said. “(Killing) is in their blood.” […]

Full article retrieved 6/9/12 from http://www.thenewsherald.com/articles/2012/06/08/news/doc4fd25b88ae10b402170226.txt?viewmode=fullstory

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