Rainsville, AL: BSL passed

The following breeds, mixes, and look-alikes are now automatically considered “dangerous animals” in Rainsville: American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, or other like subset of those breeds. Dangerous animals require a special permit, special containment restrictions, and liability insurance, among other things.

Rainsville city council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month.
Phone: (256)638-6331

Rainsville passes dangerous animal law

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:25 pm
Lindsay Slater

RAINSVILLE – Pet owners are now subject to comply with a new dangerous animal ordinance recently passed by the Rainsville City Council. […]

The ordinance defines a “dangerous animal” to be the following: […]• any pit bull terrier or bullmastiff, which is defined as any American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, or other like subset of those breeds, or any mixed breed of dog which contains, as an element of its breeding, those breeds so as to be identifiably of those breeds. […]

If a Rainsville resident owns what is considered to be a dangerous animal, the ordinance calls for several mandatory requirements, including confinement indoors or outdoors with specific guidelines using a leash, muzzle or crate, posting signs, getting liability insurance, have identification photographs, report incidents within 10 days to authorities and must register all offspring of dangerous dogs within six weeks of birth. The owners must also obtain, through an application process, a permit to keep a dangerous animal on their premises. Permits can be revoked or suspended. […]

Full article retrieved 6/15/12 from http://times-journal.com/news/dekalb_county/article_88683f88-b667-11e1-b35a-0019bb2963f4.html



10 responses to “Rainsville, AL: BSL passed

  1. this is just outrageously ignorant…. deal with the real problem …evil man on the other end of the lead….. when you you understand this…….. terrible day for the dogs…… man its always all about man and his ignorance and obsession with power of everything…shame on you all….

  2. I love the idea of having to register pets. BUT!!!!!!!!!!
    Pitt bull is not just a dangerous breed they are loving and caring. Just because idiots decided to make certain pit’s fight now all pits are dangerous. That one poor dog that was taken from his family was picured in a cement cage sleeping in his own feces with tears in his eyes and you call him dangerous. Do you forget about the german sherpard that kills children or the chow that has been proven to be a mean dog!! Every single breed of dog can bite and kill!!! people just use the pit bull becasue of their size and strenght!! I WILL SHOOT EVERYONE THAT TRIES TO TAKE MY BABY AWAY FROM ME!!!
    If you make a law to say that every single dog breed should be registered and every owner should register their dogs and having them fixed at 6months old is great!! There should only be one dog breeder per state/province. This would stop over population!! But saying that even when the pet owners go through all that trouble and you might still take away their pet.. Are u ridiculous????? Get your facts straight and know that this will back fire!!!!

  3. Before people go off read the ordinance, it names any animal (ie alligators, bear, dogs or cats) can be considered dangerous.  Maybe you should think about the fact if it was your pet or child that was hurt before you open your mouth!

    • it is aimed at the pit bull through bloody ignorance..it is man that has caused a problem here not…the dog…if it wernt for man wanting to use bully breeds as status or fighting dogs they would not have a bad name…. of all the aggressive dogs i have come across they have all been small or labs.. noone says anything about them as it seems acceptable as if they bite,they do less damage… ithis is an absolute abuse of power by ignorant ppl who clearly no nothing what so ever about dogs or their behaviour……..

    • I think you’re misunderstanding or not understanding what BSL is. The ordinance apparently singles out specific breeds and declares them automatically dangerous without any consideration for their behavior or the behavior of their owners. Owners of these dogs must comply with the dangerous dog restrictions whether or not their dog is actually dangerous. By contrast, dogs that are not of the targeted breeds are not automatically dangerous—their behavior is considered individually, and they must do something wrong before their owners have to comply with the dangerous dog requirements.

      Dog owners are being held to two very different standards depending on what their dog looks like. That is BSL, and it is discriminatory, unworkable, unfair, unsafe, and costly to a community.

      If the ordinance said that all dogs are automatically dangerous, and that all dog owners must keep their dog as if it were a dangerous animal, regardless of their dog’s breed, then it would not be BSL, and we would take no position on it. (Although I’m betting most dog owners would be extremely upset about it.)

    • i know it singles out certain breeds and it is very wrong..it always has been and always will be.you cannot ban a certain breed for the way it looks for fear it may do something…look at the case of lennox in N I that we are all fighting…that is BSL and its disgusting so, i am aware what it is about only too well x

    • Andrea, our reply was for “Khopkins,” not for you. :)

    • Oh i’m so sorry xx i am so angry about this though xx thanku xx

  4. vicki anderson

    They want to automatically judge a dog by its breed? Why don’t they take precautions on child molesters like they do pitt bulls? You don’t have a bad dog, just bad owners…Look up meganslaw.com and see how many child molesters live near your home,i’ll bet its more than pitt bulls but they want to ban that breed??? Whats wrong with this picture??

    • this just shows how bloody ignorant man has become…we are all gods creatures not up to man to kill off certain breeds of dog for mans inadequacy… its mans fault there is a problem..not the dog and most certainly not the breed…wake up and smell the roses…. this is very disturbing……………