Hobart, IN: Resident may ask council for breed ban, June 20

A Hobart, IN, resident plans to ask city council for a breed ban during the next council meeting, June 20 at 6:00 PM at City Hall council chambers, second floor, 414 Main Street.

Residents and locals, please attend the meeting and respectfully participate in the community dialogue. BSL has been suggested multiple times in Hobart in the past; most recently last November, when a different resident and a councilwoman both suggested BSL. Please take this opportunity to propose breed-neutral, effective solutions to the community’s irresponsible dog owner problem.

Hobart City Hall, 414 Main Street, Hobart, Indiana 46342
Phone: 219-942-6112
Mayor Brian K. Snedecor, mayorsnedecor@city.hobart.in.us
City Clerk, clerk-treasurer@city.hobart.in.us

Hobart woman to seek stricter vicious dog regulations after pit bull attack

By Deborah Laverty deborah.laverty@nwi.com, (219) 762-1397, ext. 2223

HOBART | City official Sherryl Doerr and her daughter will go before the City Council this week to ask for more bite in existing dog ordinances.

“I’d like to see a pit bull ban or some kind of ordinance that is more stringent than the one on the books right now,” Doerr said. […]

Full article retrieved 6/18/12 from http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/hobart/hobart-woman-to-seek-stricter-vicious-dog-regulations-after-pit/article_f6f37bc1-91d9-5e10-8ed8-ca3716b94857.html

2 responses to “Hobart, IN: Resident may ask council for breed ban, June 20

  1. What will happen to Pit Bull Service Dogs and their owners. Total bans are a very short-sighted idea. Why not ban bad dog owners – there are sure lots of them!!! Run THEM out of town – not the pit bull dogs who are well-adjusted and loved!!

  2. Chris Winicky

    Ive been told by 2 councilman that this will not happen. I went to school with one councilman. I spoke to him via text last night, and he assured me again, this will not happen. I’m getting all my friends together, I’ve updated my Facebook status to let everyone know and trying to get sad many people to help me put an end to this in Hobart once and for all! I remember seeing info on the stop BSL site somewhere about tips on what to say, and important info that could help us. I can’t seem to find it now. I’m sure this lady is probably bringing an arsenal of negativity with her to this meeting. I don’t wanna be unprepared.