Kingsford, MI: Council decides to keep breed ban

Kingsford, MI, city council voted last night to keep the city’s “pit bull” ban, despite residents’ efforts to repeal it.

The below article is interesting to read for the reasons that city officials gave for supporting the ban. None of the reasons really made sense, and should have been easily refuted. Click the article link to read the full article.

Contact information for city of Kingsford: City of Kingsford, 305 South Carpenter Avenue, Kingsford, MI 49802 (906) 774-3526
Public Safety Director Tim Gussert:

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Kingsford says no to pit bulls

Ban continues

June 19, 2012
By JIM ANDERSON – News Editor , The Daily News

KINGSFORD – Kingsford’s longstanding ban on pit bulls will remain in effect, the city council decided Monday.

Council members accepted a committee recommendation to make no changes in a 1987 ordinance that sets out provisions for the seizure, impoundment and euthanization of pit bull terriers if owners fail to remove them as ordered. […]

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