Hobart, IN: Ordinance committee will discuss possible BSL, July 18

A Hobart, IN, resident has asked city council for a “pit bull” ban. The city’s council moved the issue to the July 18 ordinance committee meeting, which will be devoted entirely to public dialogue on the issue.

Residents and locals, please attend the meeting and respectfully participate in the community dialogue. BSL has been suggested multiple times in Hobart in the past; most recently last November, when a different resident and a councilwoman both suggested BSL. Please take this opportunity to propose breed-neutral, effective solutions to the community’s irresponsible dog owner problem. The current animal ordinances can be viewed here.

Hobart City Hall, 414 Main Street, Hobart, Indiana 46342
Phone: 219-942-6112
Mayor Brian K. Snedecor, mayorsnedecor@city.hobart.in.us

Provide your educational materials and breed-neutral sample ordinances to the City Clerk prior to the July 18 meeting:
City Clerk, clerk-treasurer@city.hobart.in.us

Hobart City Council to further discuss vicious dog ordinance

By Karen Caffarini Post-Tribune correspondent June 20, 2012 11:34PM

HOBART — […] But both those in attendance at Wednesday’s city council meeting, for and against an ordinance that would single out specific breeds, will have to return to the council chambers at 5 p.m. July 18 with their points of view and any supporting materials.

The council determined the matter will need to be revisited by its ordinance committee in order to make it more enforceable.

[…] Councilman Dave Vinzant, D-4th, told those attending the meeting to bring any materials regarding the issue and copies of other communities’ ordinances to clerk-treasurer Deb Longer prior to the July 18 meeting. […]

Full article retrieved 6/21/12 from http://posttrib.suntimes.com/news/13316635-418/hobart-city-council-to-further-discuss-vicious-dog-ordinance.html

Many thanks to Chris for helping us keep tabs on the developments in Hobart.

All alerts for Hobart: https://stopbsl.org/?s=%22hobart%2C+in%22


11 responses to “Hobart, IN: Ordinance committee will discuss possible BSL, July 18

  1. Selwyn Marock

    I do not read all this Rubbish anymore but would state,I would like to Ban all people of Colour basically Blacks and Muslims they are both potentially a Dangerous bunch of people,maybe all the Jews as well they are crooks,politicos see what mileage you can achieve to this end.This is what BSL is all about.”Cos we can”
    By the way I am Jewish and certainly not RACIST.

  2. Ridiculous! BSL doesn’t work. It’s been proven over and over again that it does not work. Fine and jail owners of dogs that behave viciously. The dogs simply do as their owners train them. It’s not the dogs’ fault there are stupid humans out there!

  3. Pits are not bad dogs, Its bad owners! You might as well make all of Hobart a no pet zone. ” no one can have a dog.” I tired of seening pits are bad when pits are NOT the only type of dog that bites people. Dogs wouldn’t bite if the owner was smart and know what they are doing. Yes i understand their is dumb owners & fighting them because its fun or need the money. But if that person is cought they sit in jail for it. Alot of pits saved peoples lives. If i was you I would check into it.

  4. Crystal Petri

    THIS IS A CROCK OF CRAP if you ask me Its not the dogs fault ITS THE OWNER These dogs werent born to be aggressive They trained them to be that way These dogs save lives Gary Police use these animals to hunt out drugs so if that were the issue then wouldnt gary not use them Its so petty I pray they dont ban this cause my pit bull is teh most loving animal ever
    She watches over my kids and play with the whole neighbor kids If this does happen ill lose my family pet my children will be heartbroken and the neighbor hood will be devastated Pit bulls are not aggressive animals Its their surroundings like people training em that way I put a ban on all people who do this stuff and make sure they never own a dog again

  5. Punish the ignorant/moronic owners, not the breed.
    A dog is only a reflection of it’s owner.
    Plain and simple.

  6. This is a waste of time. Isn’t there more important things to have a discussion on? I move for a council on making sure stupid people with stupid opinions won’t be able to cause uproars again. Now a lot of people have to waste their time educating morons on why a ban like this is pointless all because said morons clearly have no research skills. Don’t like pit bulls? Don’t buy one and don’t take away the rights of others. What ignorance!

  7. Keith Lindahl

    Pit bulls are big babies….Its all about how u train any dog…U can train a damn beagle to bite and fight if u wanted too…Fine and jail the people who are teaching these animals to do bad things, not the public responsible taxpayers who just simply love there dogs to death…. I agree u pretty much have to make Hobart, Indiana a no pet zone or just punish the people who do wrong by there dogs, other wise your punishing thousands of dogs for no reason and good responsible people too who just love there dogs cause they love them back….dogs are all loyal, people aren’t…. Dogs don’t know better, people do…. A dog does nothing but whats its taught to do… and the ones teaching them to fight and be aggressive should be the only ones punished… pit bulls are not naturally aggressive, cause i’ve had two since birth and all’s i can see in over ten years of owning them is there naturally lovable and friendly and overall cuddle buddies…

  8. I belong to a dog rescue and currently have a pit/boxer mix that I have decided to keep as my pet and I’ve had him for almost 3 years and he is the most loving friendly dog I have ever known. He doesn’t have an aggressive mean bone in his body. As a testament the mail lady and the Schwans delivery man always have treats for him when they come to my door because they know he will be standing at the door with his tail wagging. Anyone can come in my home and the most he is guilty of is wanting attention and to be loved on. The 2nd one is a full pit and she was a severely abused and starved animal when I got her and only weighed 17 lbs and she is now after 6 months a healthy 40 lbs and knows nothing but love here and is the most loving dog also. She would sleep with my sons every night if we allowed her to. She was so starved for attention and we taught her quickly this was a home of love and there was no starving and no beatings and she is no longer timid and will readily dance for attention to get love and her favorite things Doggie treats! I have my young nieces over and they play with both of my dogs and I have no fear of them ever being hurt. I am always in the same room but they are very gentle with my nieces and I know these dogs would die to protect any of us. This is a ridiculous law trying to be passed and I will stand proudly and oppose it!

  9. I’m a responsible owner of a pit. At one time I owned three pits. I constructed a 6 foot privacey fence around my yard. So my neighbors felt at ease. My dogs have never hurt anyone or anything. That didn’t stop someone from poisoning my dog. Once she passed the other went downhill (they were raised together and were 6 months apart). I thought I was protecting the public from my dogs. When in reality my dogs were the ones who needed to be protected from the public! Pick up a book and educate yourself!