Avon Lake, OH: BSL repealed

Avon Lake’s definition of vicious dog used to mirror that of the old state law—to include “pit bulls.” They have now repealed that vicious dog law. The city will follow the state’s new breed-neutral vicious dog law.

Avon Lake’s BSL has been a contentious issue for many years. Councilman Dave Kos says the change in state law is what enabled the repeal to succeed this time: “I think it being passed at the state level, all members of the council see that this is the right way to go.”

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Avon Lake City Council Repeals Vicious Dog Ordinance

Rescinding old ordinance would get city aligned with state law.

By Dave Wilson, June 25, 2012

The Avon Lake City Council approved Monday evening in a unanimous 7-0 vote an ordinance that would repeal an earlier ordinance which designated all pit bulls as “vicious” dogs.

The ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Dave Kos, Ward IV, would conform with changes made to Ohio law earlier this year. […]

For Kos, it was a redeeming moment. He and some other council members have been working for several years to revise the law to focus on individual dogs and their owners rather broadly paint a certain breed as inherently vicious or dangerous. […]

Full article retrieved 6/26/12 from http://avon-oh.patch.com/articles/avon-lake-city-council-votes-or-not-on-vicious-dog-ordinance

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