Belfast, N. Ireland, UK: Lennox killed by officials, but his legacy remains

We first reported on Lennox in late 2010, after he was seized from his home by authorities who said his appearance fit their idea of a “pit bull type” — a “type” of dog that is not legal in the U.K. Lennox had not actually done anything wrong; he was born looking “wrong.”

After two years of court battles, not even high-profile advocates and celebrities, tens of thousands of ordinary citizen supporters, and multiple sanctuary offers could save Lennox. Belfast refused to compromise. Lennox was killed yesterday by Belfast authorities simply for the crime of looking like a “pit bull.”

Lennox is not the only dog to be put down simply for being the wrong shape. We’ve shared with you many other individual dogs who have had the misfortune to be born with the wrong appearance in the wrong place. Breed discriminatory laws are everywhere, from cities in the U.S., to provinces like Ontario, to entire countries like the U.K. But although Lennox’s circumstances are not unique, he and his family had a large outpouring of public support that was quite unusual.

Lennox has become a symbol for many people of the injustice that is BSL. We also know that many people first heard about BSL because of Lennox.

We are hopeful that Lennox’s plight and the injustice to his human family, the Barnes family, leaves in his followers a legacy of awareness about BSL and a long-burning passion to stop BSL across the globe.

Our sympathies today are with the Barnes family and the many other families around the world who have lost friends, companions, and family dogs for no other reason than that their dog was born with the wrong physical appearance.

Breed discriminatory laws are in effect in many places. Innocent people and voiceless animals are suffering. If you haven’t already, please join us as we continue our efforts to stop BSL.

We appreciate these wise words from Animal Farm Foundation: “Every day there is a need — and an opportunity — to ‘Save Lennox.'”

More thoughtful commentary from KC Dog Blog:

5 responses to “Belfast, N. Ireland, UK: Lennox killed by officials, but his legacy remains

  1. We will NEVER forget Lennox and we will NEVER forget what belfast authorities did to him!

  2. Belfast refused the settlement, because the Lenox has been murdered. Torturers work very quickly.

  3. Injustice is NEVER forgotten! RIP Lennox, your voice will heard for as long as it takes.

  4. Feet BSL already take for Labradors and their hybrids. BSL is disgusting and people affiliated with it.

    • Selwyn Marock

      I agree these are Cold-Blooded Murderers I say in Lennox honour and memory one should get as many Animal-Lovers as possible BOYCOTTING the Olympics in the UK.