Sioux City, IA: Residents ask for breed ban repeal

If you are in or around Sioux City, please consider joining up with these residents and others who have expressed a desire to repeal the city’s pit bull ban.

The repeal effort has been off and on for years, but residents haven’t been able to pull together a coordinated effort, and city council has rejected or voted against repeal on several occasions.

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What: The third Coffee with Council meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 9. The informal meetings are being held the second Thursday of the month.
Where: City Council Chambers, 405 Sixth St.
Format: No formal presentations to the entire group; walk around the room or sit at different tables with council members and/or city staff.

Residents ask Sioux City Council to reopen pit bull ban controversy

15 hours ago • LYNN ZERSCHLING

SIOUX CITY | Jane and Ed Keane urged city lawmakers on Thursday to rescind the ban on pit bulls, claiming that banning specific breeds unfairly targets the breed.

Their comments came during the City Council’s second monthly Coffee with the Council session. […]

In 2008, after a long and contentious debate, the council banned pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Through 2009, the council debated ways to toughen its vicious-animal law. The community controversy came back in 2010 when the new council voted 3-2 to retain the pit bull ban. […]

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One response to “Sioux City, IA: Residents ask for breed ban repeal

  1. stephanie speltz

    being from Iowa, i am ashamed!! BSL is bullshit! when will they stop blaming the breed n blame the human? its rediculios!!!!