Valier, IL: Resident wants breed ban

A resident intends to ask the Valier board of aldermen to ban “pit bulls.” Illinois state law prohibits municipalities from passing BSL, so a breed ban would not be legal in Valier. Fortunately, the mayor and village attorney both appear to be aware of this.

Residents and locals, please attend the July 23 meeting of the board of aldermen. At the July 23 meeting, the resident intends to present his petition, and the aldermen will also hear from the village attorney, and discuss possible options. We do not think BSL will be pursued by the village, but the meeting is an opportunity for residents to respectfully discuss whether or not current laws and enforcement are sufficient, and to bring forward effective breed-neutral proposals for village officials to consider.

This is the only contact information we have for Valier:
117 West Main St., Valier, IL 62891
(618) 724-9393

Valier man wants pit bull ban

15 hours ago • BY STEPHEN RICKERL, The Southern

After being charged by a neighborhood dog on two separate occasions, a Franklin County man is working with other concerned residents to circulate a petition asking city officials to take action. […]

Stanley said he would like to see village officials enact an ordinance barring certain vicious or aggressive breeds, but Valier Mayor Marty Buchanan questions the legality of such an ordinance.

[…] Buchanan said he was told a breed-specific ordinance does not have any teeth and would not hold up in court.

“I don’t want to do that, just to have something out there to satisfy the people when I know it’s not going to make any difference,” said Buchanan. […]

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