Highland Heights, OH: Council plans to repeal BSL

Highland Heights, OH, city council is working on a new dog ordinance in response to the recent change in state law. The old ordinance was breed-specific (mirrored old state law), but the council president has stated that the new ordinance will be breed-neutral.

We’re concerned because the comments left on the Cleveland.com article below (see link below) are extremely pro-BSL. Let’s not allow council to be discouraged or misled by a handful of BSL supporters.

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Highland Heights City Council ponders a change in city’s vicious dog ordinance

Published: Saturday, July 21, 2012, 12:34 PM
By Jeff Piorkowski, Sun News

HIGHLAND HTS. — The city has begun taking steps to change its law pertaining to vicious dogs to make it more in keeping with the new state law. […]

Council will revisit the issue and check on the progress of the new ordinance as it is being developed in September.

Full article retrieved 7/24/12 from http://www.cleveland.com/hillcrest/index.ssf/2012/07/highland_heights_city_council_20.html

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  1. YAY OHIO!!! END BSL!!!!