St. Paul, MN: Residents receive pro-BSL postcards, meeting Aug 9

Residents of District 10 in St. Paul, MN, recently received postcards that posed the question: “There are more than 650 American cities that strongly regulate or ban dangerous dog breeds.  Why doesn’t the City of Saint Paul?”

The postcards also featured graphic photos of a child attacked by a dog, incorrect “pit bull” fatality statistics, a link to a certain website that pushes for “pit bull” laws, and contact information for area lawmakers. It is not clear who created or paid for these postcards.

The cards call for District 10 residents who are concerned about dangerous dogs to meet on August 9 at 6:00 PM at the Historic Streetcar Station in St. Paul. (The card does not explicitly say, but this is the meeting for the District 10 Community Council Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee.)

There is a Facebook group organizing to attend this meeting to oppose breed-specific measures and provide breed-neutral solutions. If you would like to get involved, please visit their Facebook Event page here:!/events/135206236620662/

The group also has important information and communication tips for attendees. At the above link, you may also view photos of the postcard that was received by residents.

If you go to the meeting, please…

  • Know your state and local laws regarding dogs. BSL is illegal in MN.
  • Know that some residents have valid concerns about dangerous dogs in their neighborhood. Always treat residents and their concerns with respect, even if you disagree.
  • Keep the conversation and focus on breed-neutral solutions.

If you attend, please update us on the outcome of the meeting.

2 responses to “St. Paul, MN: Residents receive pro-BSL postcards, meeting Aug 9

  1. Think about if this group tries to ban EVERY breed or type of dog that bites when “A: bite happens then labelling ALL “those” dogs dangerous? They will not stop when they get “one type” banned. Reminds me of a time when all people of a certain colour and/or religion were being stereotyped. This kind of madness HAS to end.

  2. Ban the owners that make their dogs aggressive and uncontrollable not the breed it is not the fault of the dog but the owner that treated that dog in an aggressive and down right cruel manner. I will take my Pitbull over any breed any day