Town and Country, MO: Council may repeal breed ban

When Town and Country officials came for their pet, a T&C couple got a lawyer and started talks with officials to repeal the animal ordinance’s breed-specific language.

The revised, breed-neutral animal ordinance had first reading last week, and is scheduled for final reading and approval at the next board of alderman meeting. The article below says that meeting will be August 6, but according to the council website, meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, which would make the next meeting on August 13. If you wish to attend the next meeting, we suggest you call ahead to confirm: 314-432-6606.

Please send brief notes of encouragement and thanks to city officials:
City of Town and Country, 1011 Municipal Center Drive, Town & Country, MO 63131;;;;;;;;

Town and Country Will Reconsider Anti-Pit Bull Law

A local couple challenges Town and Country’s ordinance against Pit Bulls

By Denise Bertacchi
July 24, 2012

[…] But most importantly, the city would remove wording to prevent residents from owning Pit Bulls or dogs that look like Pit Bulls.

[…] The Town and Country Board of Aldermen approved this ordnance for its first reading on Monday night. They will make a final vote in two weeks on Monday August 6.

Full article retrieved 7/29/12 from

If you are currently fighting BSL in your area, check out this additional article to find out what convinced T&C officials to consider repeal:

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