Hinesville, GA update: Council will not pursue BSL

The Hinesville, GA, city council rejected BSL at a weekend planning retreat and appears disinclined to bring the subject up again.

BSL was a discussion item after a resident made repeated requests for BSL to council, but council never formally drew up a proposal and they unanimously killed the idea after discussion.

Pit-bull issue elicits strong emotions

POSTED: July 27, 2012 11:17 a.m.
By Randy C. Murray Staff writer

A proposed ordinance to ban pit bulls in Hinesville was among 38 issues considered by city leaders during their recent planning workshop, but it quickly was shot down by all five council members, Mayor Jim Thomas and other city officials.

(Remainder of article is subscription only) Retrieved 8/2/12 from http://coastalcourier.com/section/6/article/46207/preview/

You can THANK the city council through this online form: http://ga-hinesville.civicplus.com/forms.aspx?fid=41

Many thanks to Johanna over at Stubby’s Heroes for providing the update!

All alerts for Hinesville: https://stopbsl.org/?s=hinesville

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