Sioux Falls, SD update: Committee says BSL not necessary

After discussion at the end of July, the Sioux Falls, SD, Land Use Committee decided against BSL. Councilman Karsky, who had originally proposed BSL, still felt that it was necessary, but he was overruled. The committee will go forward with some minor, breed-neutral ordinance revisions.

No need to toughen dog laws, panel says

8:54 AM, Jul 31, 2012
Written by Sarah Reinecke

Sioux Falls doesn’t need to overhaul ordinances regarding dog bites or dog breeds, a panel decided Monday.

The City Council’s Land Use Committee heard presentations from animal experts and determined dog bites and vicious dogs are not a problem here. Instead of major changes, the committee will consider a few minor tweaks to city laws at a meeting next month. […]

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Contact info if you wish to thank the Sioux Falls land use committee:
Rex Rolfing (Chair), Kermit Staggers, Dean Karsky, Kenny Anderson Jr.;;;

Many thanks also to the advocates and experts who spoke against BSL to the Land Use Committee.

Thanks to Michelle for this update!

One response to “Sioux Falls, SD update: Committee says BSL not necessary

  1. Lance Falzone

    Awesome! Good to see my home state holding strong against BSL