Viola, AR: City council will consider BSL

Viola, AR city council appears to be considering BSL. According to this brief news snippet,

The mayor spoke to the Council about a citizen’s concerns regarding pit bulls and other vicious dogs.  The mayor has contacted the City of Salem and obtained copies of its ordinances controlling these types of dogs.  The mayor will attempt to have a preliminary copy of an ordinance for the Council’s viewing next month.

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The city of Salem, AR, whose ordinances are being used by the Viola mayor as a model, currently has BSL for “pit bulls” and possibly Rottweilers.

Viola is a small city with limited online presence. If locals are able to help track this issue, we’d appreciate it. Meetings are on the fourth Thursday of every month (per state website), or the last Thursday of the month (per city website).

Contact info for city of Viola:
City of Viola, P.O. Box 406, Viola, AR 72583
Phone: (870) 458-2704

Please remain respectful in all correspondence, which includes any posts you may make on the city’s Facebook group (thanks, Jodi, for finding this):


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