Cridersville, OH: Council may keep BSL in revised ordinance, meeting Aug 13

Many Ohio cities and towns are revising their animal ordinances now that the new Ohio state law has passed. While some cities have repealed their breed-specific ordinances, others are keeping theirs. Cridersville appears to be one of the latter.

Many thanks to Bless the Bullys for this alert!

At the Cridersville Village Council Safety Committee meeting in June, the council discussed the possibility of adding legislation to continue to label pit bulls as “potentially dangerous” in light of the change to Ohio state law.

The police chief presented the ordinance of St. Marys, Ohio to the council, which I have confirmed is still breed specific, and targets “pit bulls.”  The police chief is recommending adoption of a similar ordinance to “help protect the village.”

City officials are divided on the issue, but ultimately decided to have an ordinance comparable to St. Marys drawn up, and then debate and vote on it.

I have confirmed with Cridersville Mayor Myers (who supports strengthening the breed specific ordinance), that the first reading of the “keeping of animals” ordinance will be heard on August 13, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall Chambers located at 110 West Main Street.

Its important to note that both the current ordinances of Cridersville and St. Marys are breed specific.  My requests for additional details have gone unanswered, so its unclear as to whether Cridersville is looking to strengthen the language regarding pit bulls or if they are considering deleting the breed specific language to be in line with state law.  Either way, its important that residents attend the council meeting on August 13th in order to see what direction this takes.

I strongly encourage residents to reach out to the village officials and let them know you don’t support BSL and ask them to repeal their breed specific ordinance and craft a breed-neutral law that is in line with the new, very comprehensive state law.

Village email address:
Village phone number: 419-645-5959

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