Ramona, KS: Resident wants breed ban

EDIT UPDATE 8/26/12: Per the city clerk, the council subsequently voted not to change their current ordinances, so the resident’s request for breed ban was turned down by council.

A Ramona, KS, resident will ask city council for a “pit bull” ban during the August 13 council meeting, 7:00 PM at Ramona City Hall, 302 D Street, Ramona.

Ramona is a very tiny town. Please communicate RESPECTFULLY with city officials. We do not know where they stand regarding the resident’s request.
Ramona City Government, Post Office Box #84, Ramona, Kansas 67475
Clerk email: patandjess@californiasisters.com
More contact info: http://www.ramonaks.com/government

Ramona resident wants pit bull ban

By ADAM STEWART, News editor

If Norma Bird-Wright has her way, Ramona will be the next city in Marion County to restrict ownership of certain breeds of dogs, specifically pit bulls and similar breeds.

[…] “What I want is a pit bull ban, and I’m going to take it to city council,” she said Monday. “They are a dangerous breed.” […]

She plans to address Ramona City Council at its meeting 7 p.m. Monday about her request for a ban on pit bulls in the city.

Ramona Mayor Brendan Bailey said he doesn’t have an opinion on the topic yet and wants more time to look at the facts. He does know that people on both sides of the issue are passionate.[…]

Full article retrieved 8/12/12 from http://peabodykansas.com/direct/ramona_resident_wants_pit_bull_ban+4346pit+52616d6f6e61207265736964656e742077616e7473207069742062756c6c2062616e

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