Town and Country, MO: BSL repealed

Town and Country, MO, has deleted their vicious dog ordinance, resulting in the repeal of BSL. Repeal occurred in response to resident request, and the repeal was supported by local officials, including animal control and police.

Pitbulls no Longer ‘Vicious’ in Town and Country

Town and Country no longer categorizes pitbulls as “vicious” dogs. In fact, the city completely removed its vicious dog ordinance Monday night.

By Gabrielle Biondo
August 14, 2012

Town and Country aldermen unanimously voted Monday to completely remove the city’s vicious dog ordinance from city code.

By removing the city’s ordinance, Town and Country is now covered by St. Louis County’s “vicious dog ordinance” which categorizes dogs as “vicious” based on their behavior alone. The county’s ordinance does not deem any specific breed as vicious.

[…] “I think Town and Country is following the trend that we are seeing to remove breed specific language from municipal ordinances and it make it behavior based,” Town and Country Police Captain Gary Hoelzer tells Patch. […]

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