Sioux City, IA: Group presents data in support of BSL repeal

Sioux City, IA, has had a controversial breed ban in place for several years. Despite local efforts to show city officials that the ban has had no effect on public safety (in fact, some data indicates that dog bites have increased since the ban), it looks like city council is just not interested in repeal. It may take an election and a significant change in council makeup to get them to reconsider.

Facebook page for Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue, the group heading up this attempt to change minds in Sioux City:

All alerts for Sioux City, IA, including background information:

Pit Bull Advocacy Group Tries To Lift Pit Bull Ban

Posted: Aug 22, 2012 5:15 PM CDT
By: Diana Johnsend

[…] The group met with Sioux City Council Member John Fitch today in hopes of getting the whole council to take up the issue again, which doesn’t seem that likely.

“My guess is it’s just additional information. This council is not going to take the issue up again, and I would be surprised if you see it taken up any time soon,” said Fitch.

[…] The group added that they hope the council will take into consideration the stricter pet ownership laws they presented because if anything should be taken away from today’s meeting, they said, it should be they’re working for pet safety and proper ownership.

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