Ashtabula, OH: Council exempts adopted dogs from breed ban

Ashtabula council has passed a revised dog ordinance that allows residents to keep “pit bulls” in town IF and ONLY IF the dog was adopted from the Ashtabula County Animal Protective League (APL). Additionally, APL must attest that the “pit bull” is and has never been human or animal aggressive; and the “pit bull” must be neutered, microchipped, and registered with APL and with the county.

All other “pit bulls” will continue to be banned in Ashtabula. We are sorely disappointed that the council did not completely repeal the breed ban. This “compromise” is unnecessarily complicated and arbitrary.

We believe this is the version of the ordinance that passed: Ashtabula Proposed Vicious Dog / Pit Bull Law

Please RESPECTFULLY contact Ashtabula city council, thank them for taking the first step, and ask them to please fully repeal the city’s breed ban.

City Council, 4717 Main Avenue, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004
Phone: (440) 992-7119
Fax:(440) 998-4457
Council Clerk email:

City Council lifts ban on pit bulls if they are adopted from APL

By SHELLEY TERRY – Star Beacon
August 21, 2012

ASHTABULA — City Council on Monday lifted a ban on owning or harboring a pit bull, but only if the dog is adopted from the Animal Protective League, and has been determined by that organization to be neither people-aggressive nor animal aggressive. […]

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