Announcement: Exciting Changes at StopBSL

I can’t believe that it’s been seven years since I created StopBSL—and five years since I started tracking and posting daily BSL alerts. What an amazing ride it has been!

Today, StopBSL has hundreds of subscribers to our alert e-mails. Thousands of people have clicked “like” on our Facebook page. I’ve tracked and posted alerts for well over 350 different municipalities in the U.S. alone. I’ve followed along with excitement as entire states repealed or prohibited BSL within their borders.

The StopBSL community is incredibly active, thoughtful, and devoted. I am both proud and thankful to have been a part of this community for the past seven years. I am also grateful for the smart advice and guidance that I have received from other prominent advocates in this arena.

Thank you ALL for sharing the StopBSL alerts; for getting involved and staying involved in your community; and for standing together to fight for equality, safety, and justice for all.

I must also thank my husband. For fourteen years, my husband has been working long hours—so that I could follow my passions, pursue three college degrees, foster dogs with medical needs, and spend a significant part of every day working diligently on StopBSL. He is a truly generous man, and I’m grateful every day for the opportunities I have had because he was covering the bills for the both of us.

It’s only fair that I return the favor, of course. So, today, I begin my own high-powered career with long hours, so that my husband can pursue his own dreams for a while. To focus on my new career, I have made the difficult decision to step down from StopBSL. However, StopBSL will continue! The StopBSL community has an important mission to prevent and repeal BSL, until BSL no longer exists.

Therefore, I am thrilled to announce that Pit Bulletin Legal News will be taking the helm at StopBSL. It is an ideal fit, since PBLN has knowledge and experience that will improve the quality of the information that StopBSL provides. I wish to thank PBLN for stepping up to take on such a large project as StopBSL, and for continuing the site’s tradition of timely, informative, and high-quality information flow!

I am excited to join all of you as another member of the ever-growing StopBSL community. Thank you all for so many years of support. Let’s keep working together to stop BSL!

—J. Thomas

9 responses to “Announcement: Exciting Changes at StopBSL

  1. We also thank you. We are more and more rational people to stop this madness BSL.

  2. That is awesome and thank you for helping us to help the breed that we all love. I just hope and pray that boston mass drops the bls ban. Thank you once again. I’ve wrote to the mayor,the state reps.

  3. Thank you so much for your time, passion and commitment! Best of luck in your new career. Thank you to PBLN for taking over and I look forward to continue sharing BSL news.

  4. Jennifer, you’ve been a great voice for the dogs over the years. Thanks for sharing your time, energies and voice with us. You’ll be missed, but best of luck.

  5. Good for you! and good luck! :-)

  6. bernadette przybyl

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  7. bernadette przybyl

    also i glad they are change we more chahges ot for the dog and stop the ban

  8. beewitchinstitchin

    Congratulations on the new chapter in your life. Thank you for keeping us well informed as we all work together to stop BSL. I glad to hear that PBLN is going to continue the work that you started. Because I travel with a pit bull, I have checked your site many times to be sure we would be safe. Best wishes.

  9. I’ve had am pit bull terriers sicne I was 11 yrs old. My 1st was a rescue and from that point on I’ve always had one no other dog will I have in my home. They are loyal,brave,smart, great all around dog. Now I have 3 children and they get to share the love of a am pit bull terrier. NO BAD DOGS just BAD OWNERS. So give us a chance to prove it. Long live the am pit bull terrier