City of Conway, SC – Pet Restrictions Considered (Non-BSL)

WDPE Newschannel 15 is reporting that city officials have received a number of complaints in recent months.  The complaints have initiated workshop discussion to limit the number of animals kept as pets in households within Conway’s city limits.

“Right now the city of Conway has no pet ordinance, and we have been getting a number of complaints from the public,” said Catina Hipp with Conway Police.

As a result, Police proposed the ordinance last August.  The workshop is to discuss in more detail the possibilities of regulating and improving the care of animals on September 17th.

Hipp later states that the limitations (of 4 pets) can change, it’s being used as a baseline for discussion.  “It can go up it can go down, that part of the ordinance proposal can totally go away.”

To email the Mayor or a council member, please send your message to or contact Vicky Lefler, City Clerk at 843-248-1760.



2 responses to “City of Conway, SC – Pet Restrictions Considered (Non-BSL)

  1. Roxanne Scanlon

    Here in the Las Cruces, New Mexico we are only allowed to have 2 dogs or cats. If you want more you have to apply for a kennel license and be inspected to qualify for the license. Maybe that might be your answer. It works here but we do still have the humans that break the rules just like every where else in the world. Not very often but it has helped. Maybe consider this first and give it a couple of years before instituting harsher laws.
    Roxanne Scanlon
    Las Cruces, New Mexico

  2. Michelle Storace

    This has to do with a LOT MORE THAN the NUMBER OF PETS YOU CAN HAVE. Some people are trying to come in the BACK DOOR with SOMETHING ????