The StopBSL Legacy Shall Go On

As you know, the founder of StopBSL has “retired” (not really retired but changed gears and entered into a full time career ) and given Pit Bulletin Legal News the responsibility of continuing her legacy.  For those of you who have not had the opportunity to hear her radio interview discussing her seven years of work, highs and lows of the job, and more details about her “retirement” click here. The interview is about 20 minutes and well worth a listen.

It is PBLN’s intent to continue the StopBSL legacy, just as its founder intended. The same alerts will go out, posts will be made on this site, FB will updated, and the spreadsheet and legacy information will continue to be kept.  We hope we can not only keep it going but improve on it.  If you have any suggestions, let us know.

We did not agree to continue StopBSL for the purposes of bombarding its members to move or migrate to our network of sites.  We felt it was a good fit for  our overall purpose in advocating against BSL. In this post I will mention our other projects, and if you want to take a look, great, and if not, that is fine too.  I will facebook this post three or four times on the StopBSL facebook page so that everyone will get a chance to see it, and that will be it for “advertising” PBLN on StopBSL.

We host a weekly one hour radio show: Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio every Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST. This week we will be having Jim Gorant, the author of Wallace and Roo Yori, who is Wallace’s guardian. The radio show has it’s own website, which is where the interview with StopBSL’s founder is located. All our shows and interviews can be found there.

We also have an advocacy page, Pit Bulletin Legal News which covers all Pit Bull legal news in depth.  It contains legal analysis, case law, statutes, and other core BSL materials.

Connected to the Pit Bulletin Legal News webiste, we have a Facebook Page which is quite lively, and contains feeds from both of the sites above. We are also on Twitter.

In addition, our network contains a Dangerous Dog website, which explain the legal techniques in defending dogs that have been declared dangerous.

So that is what PBLN and its network has to offer, in addition to continuing with StopBSL’s legacy. We are happy to carry on the legacy, and determined to do a good job of it.  Let us know your thoughts.

Fred M. Kray
PBLN Network

One response to “The StopBSL Legacy Shall Go On

  1. Glad to hear that it will continue & glad that it`s PBLN that will carry it forward.Great choice & great fit.And to the Founder,thanks for all the great work up to this point.