Whispers of BSL – Bryant, Arkansas

We have heard from a local resident that the Bryant City Council (Arkansas) is considering Pit bull regulation. Communities around Bryant have begun banning and/or greatly restricting ownership of the breed. Growth in Bryant has resulted in more animal control issues, and the Bryant City Council is considering regulation.

Please send your polite, respectful, and informative correspondence to Mayor Jill Dabbs, City of Bryant, 210 Southwest 3rd Street, Bryant, AR 72022 or mayordabbs@cityofbryant.com.

Council members:
Scott Curtis ward1p1@bryantgov.org
Danny Steele ward1p2@bryantgov.org
Mike Chandler ward2p1@bryantgov.org
Chris Tipton ward2p2@bryantgov.org
Adrian Henley ward3p1@bryantgov.org
Rob Roedel ward3p2@bryantgov.org
Brenda Miller ward4p1@bryantgov.org
Steve Gladden ward4p2@bryantgov.org

It doesn’t appear that any formal meeting has been scheduled at this time, and that the city is in the information gathering phase.



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