Garland County, AR: Breed ban proposed

UPDATE:  According to local reports, Garland County will not enact BSL at this time.  We are awaiting copy of the enacted amendment and will post as soon as it is available.  In the meantime, thank you to John for sharing this information from a local paper:

Amendment includes; County wide have to fence dogs. All dogs- from cocker spaniels to labs, no matter if you’ve got 1 lot or 250 acres. County wide leash law too. Moving fines up to $500 first offense, 90 days in jail, which is class C, becoming a class B misdemeanor (1 year in jail and thousand dollar fine) if your dog is out of a fence and not on a leash. Also mandatory education if they get caught, forcing them to witness euthanasia on stray dogs, financial liability if the dog bites.

Garland County, AR:  UPDATE

The Quorum Court took input from residents Monday night before starting work on a new committee specializing in vicious dogs.

County leaders say there have been at least four cases in recent months when a pit bull attacked a human or another animal.  Justice Mary Bournival says action must be taken.

“Though I am not leaning toward any breed specific action at this time, we can’t ignore the obvious here. Pit bulls are inherently dangerous. Not all pit bulls attack. But all of our attacks have been pit bulls,” said Bournival.

No decision was made. The meeting was only a forum to allow the community to react.

Leaders say they will now form a community subcommittee to address this issue and make recommendations to county leaders.  The animal committee is made up of law enforcement, animal control, and local officials tasked with drafting a new ordinance to address what’s considered a growing problem of roaming vicious dogs.

One official says no time table has been set for the draft of the new ordinance that may be the last thing between an entire ban on vicious dogs, that may include pit bulls.

“If what we draft this time around we find is not dealing with the issue,” said Justice of the Peace Mary Bournival, “then the ban may pop its ugly head.”

Please contact the Quorum Court director, Rick Davis, County Judge, at (501) 622-3600 or email address with any POLITE, RESPECTFUL, and INFORMATIVE correspondence including breed-less alternatives that can be passed on to subcommittee members.

According to the article below, the Quorum Court of Garland County, AR, will discuss a possible county-wide ban on “pit bulls” on September 17. I’m not sure why the date is given as September 17, since the schedule states that Quorum Court meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Per the county website, the next meeting is scheduled for September 10 at 7:00 PM.

For clarification regarding the exact time/date of the Quorum Court meeting when this will be discussed, please contact the Quorum Court director, Rick Davis, County Judge, at (501) 622-3600 or email address

The Quorum Court members are Justices of the Peace and their contact information can be viewed here: However, the most effective means of conveying your opinion about a potential breed ban or BSL would be for you to attend the upcoming Quorum Court meeting.

UPDATE: Garland County pit bull attacks bring calls for ban on breed

Posted: Aug 28, 2012 6:51 PM CDT
By Matt Johnson

[…] “We haven’t done enough to protect the people,” said Mary Bournival, Garland County Justice of the Peace.

She says a county-wide ban on pit bulls will be discussed at next Quorum Court meeting on September 17.

“I would prefer to ban the breed than to continue allowing these to happen,” said Bournival. […]

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  1. I believe that all dogs can attacm.need to see number of pitbulls and other dogs in yhe county. eg if there are 10 pitts and 20 yorrkies and 10 miniature poodle and 15rottweiller. the majority is going to have a higher case of incidents. see the families who gave these dogs how are they treated. I had three rottweiller yet they were like any other dog. they were brought up with love and around people. any dog chainedor maltreated will attack. any human maltreated or closed up will become dangerous. yet humans don’t have bsl.. please consoder.