Shenandoah Borough, PA – Council Receives Complaints

At a Council meeting on Monday, September 17th, a resident addressed Council with several complaints including ‘pit bulls’ roaming the streets on the West End of the Borough.

Councilman Paul Holland noted that the borough allows only three dogs per property through an ordinance.  The complaining resident had a list of properties with multiple pit bulls from the Vine Street area.

Borough Manager Joseph L. Palubinsky assured the resident that the state dog law enforcement officer had received the addresses and would ‘check into that’.

Mayor Andrew Szczyglak mentioned a ‘situation that occurred near the post office with a pit bull’ earlier in the day on the 17th, and assured the resident that police were aware of it and taking the necessary action.

Within the borough of Shenandoah, these dogs have to be leashed, no matter what breed of dog,” Palubinsky said. “Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to blame the animal, but many times it’s not the animal’s fault.”

REMINDER:  Pennsylvania State Law Prohibits Breed Specific Legislation.

One response to “Shenandoah Borough, PA – Council Receives Complaints

  1. kris ceci cogswell

    Finally an official that gets it. Kudos to you Mr. Palubinsky!!