White Rock, BC Canada – BSL Discussed

Residents of White Rock anticipated a lengthy discussion of a potential proposal for banning pit bulls after a 4-year old girl was attacked by a pit bull last month.

The motion up for discussion instead recognized aggressive dogs as a concern for the community, admitting that the possibility of a breed-based dog ban in White Rock was unlikely.

Prior to the meeting, the Council Agenda reflected the staff recommendation that a letter be issued to the provincial government requesting it look at the potential of dangerous dog breed bans.

White Rock officials concerns center around the resources necessary to deal with the matter, recognizing the potential impact such ban(s) would have on current resources and feared the need to limit other services would be the end result.

“Municipal Bylaws are structured to handle nuisance dogs, aggressive dogs and dangerous dogs and it is difficult for a municipality to ban or take action against a certain breed of dog because of their crossbreed and different variants that are possible,” staff shared in the recommendation.


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