Olyphant, PA – Attack Victim Approaches Council

On September 18th, 2012 while out walking her mother’s small dog, Jackie Blazek, 35, witnessed a loose ‘pit bull’ attack and kill her mother’s dog.  She believes she too would have been killed had neighbors not responded and shot the attacking dog.

Reports claim the woman was bruised and bloody, and she still walks with a limp as was evident when she entered the Council work session Tuesday along side her mother, Jill Kidwell.  The pair came to ask Council about laws that would prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.  Five other neighbors joined them.

While Borough Manager and SOlicitor C.J. Mustacchio assured residents and Council that police are investigating the matter, he said “Our ordinance really isn’t about criminal punishment, it’s a nuisance ordinance.  The dog law is state law.”

Pennsylvania is one of the 13 states that currently prohibit breed-specific-legislation in the U.S.  State law fines up to $5000 and jail time in PA for negligence leading to a loose dog, Mustacchio stated.

“If we enforce the laws on the books, they are very adequate,” he said.

Ms. Blazek and Ms. Kidwell both questioned how the law(s) were being enforced, and Ms. Blazek went further to reference other state’s laws that ban certain breeds. 

NOTE:  There are no state level laws in the U.S. that bans any breed of dog.


At this time no action is required, monitoring of this developing situation will continue.

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