Sydney, AU – Victoria Dog Victim’s Family Back Breeding Ban

Lazor and Nick Josevski contributed to Ayen Chol’s death in 2011, according to Victorian Coroner Kim Parkinson.

Parkinson found the owners of “Rex”, an American Pit Bull, failed to follow existing laws requiring their dog be registered, desexed, microchipped and secured at their property.

Ayen died in her St. Albans home in 2011 when Rex escaped through an open door from his owners property.  Rex attacked Ayne’s aunt and 5 year old cousin before turning on her.

In a statement released through their attorney, Ayen’s family said, “Ayen died because the dog owners failed to comply with the law.”

Coroner Parkinson has recommended that criminal sanctions apply to breeders of restricted breed dogs and that the onus of establishing whether a dog is classified as such rest on the woner rather than on authorities.  She also recommended mandatory reporting by veterinarians of any restricted breed or suspected restricted breed dog which is unregistered, not desexed and not microchipped as required by law.

Ayen’s family asked the Government through their statement released by Attorney Ike Nwokolo, “I would encourage and ask on behalf of the family that the government put in place the recommendations.”

According to the coroner’s report, Zlate Lazarovski supplied Rex to his cousin Nick, therefore also contributing to Ayen’s death because he knew the dog breed was restricted and his breeding was unauthorized.

The Australian Veterinary Association did not support mandatory reporting of restricted breeds by Veterinarians, saying it is not possible to definitively identify a pit bull and stated the recommendations could discourage owners from seeking care for their animals leading them to suffer needlessly.

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