Oklahoma – Whispers of BSL on State Level

UPDATE:  In late breaking news –

“It’s a flawed animal! Frankly, I believe it belongs in a zoo.”  said Representative Paul Wesselhoft tells KOKH-TV Fox 25 in an evening report.

Wesselhoft authored a state bill a few years ago targeting pit bull owners.  The measure gained no support.  Today, he’s inspired to re-introduce measures that would impose tougher punishments for pit bull owners.

We will monitor this situation, if the measure appears to gain any ground at all we’ll provide you with contact information.


In 2011, Midwest City OK’s BSL was struck down by OK Supreme Court after a resident sued.  The long standing ban was found unconstitutional.

Wednesday night an Oklahoma City woman was alledgedly fatally wounded by her granddaughters pit bull after it broke free from a cage during a severe thunder storm.

Now, another resident that claims he was attacked 2 years ago by yet another dog is speaking out in support of state law that would ‘make sure it never happens again.’

Elliot says, “I think  you have a right to own a pit bull dog, I’m not saying that you don’t.  But the dog has a propensity to be more aggressive by nature.”  Elliot thinks pit bull owners should have a special license to own one and he believe there should be tougher punishments for people who let their pit bulls run loose.

According to Okalohoma state law §4-46

“B. Potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs may be regulated through local, municipal and county authorities, provided the regulations are not breed specific. Nothing in this act shall prohibit such local governments from enforcing penalties for violation of such local laws.”

Per the State Supreme Court’s Ruling in March, 2011, ‘Home Rule’ does not provide any local government to enact BSL or supersede the state law.

“Pit Bull Attack Victim Wants Law

Oklahoma City Police continue to look into what caused a dog to attack and kill a woman in her own apartment Wednesday night. Police say Nellie Davis died after her granddaughter’s pit bull broke out of its kennel and attack her. Investigators believe a thunderstorm that night set the dog off.

Now another victim of a pit bull attack is coming forward to share his story. He hopes his story helps change state law.

Cecil Elliott says he was attacked by a pit bull two years ago. Elliott says the dog attacked while he was walking through his neighborhood. When Elliott heard about how Nellie Davis died from a dog attack, he says it brought back memories of his experience. Now he wants to make sure it never happens again. Eliott thinks pit bull owners should have a special license to own one and he believes there should be tougher punishments for people who let their pit bulls run loose….”


12 responses to “Oklahoma – Whispers of BSL on State Level

  1. Most pit bull breeds are very gentle when brought up with a loving family. The dog that got out of the cage must have been caged for a reason in the first place, and perhaps he had been abused before…and the thunder scared the fur off him. But most of these dogs are great pets, loyal and loving. I know because I owned one of the sweetest animals that ever lived. Please no BLS. Where would it end? The answer is it wouldn’t! There are many loving families that would love to properly bring up such a wonderful dog. I also support NO-KILL shelters.. Thanks for listening.

    • Vickie Miller

      Totally agree with you. Saying the whole breed is bad is not right, mine are so sweet and the smartest dogs. I’m sure the dog was scared just like I was when I was a child when by myself. You do feel like lashing out at the first thing in sight. My dog is frightened too of storms. The first time I had to come home from work she was literally drooling and panting , she was having panic attacks because of the storm.

  2. ALL BSL IS BASED ON KNEE JERK EMOTIONAL SITUATIONS AND NOT ON FACTS. This should never be the basis of legislation: http://www.nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/blog/american-bar-association-aba-urges-repeal-of-all-breed-specific-laws/ Please go to the following link.

  3. So glad I left Oklahoma when I did. You know, there’s a reason the top veterinarians & dog behaviorists in the world are against BSL…..but what do they know, right?

  4. No, there shouldn’t be a license that pit bull owners have to get. There should be a license for PEOPLE to have any breed of dog. There is so much abuse out there. So many sick PEOPLE getting their hands on animals. People should have to be screened, drug tested and licensed to have any animal so that not just anyone can be around them.

  5. Clearly this man has no clue what the breed is all about and his opinion is NOT needed!!! Bumbling idiot! Stick to bigger issues like spending the states money!!!

    • thats a ridiculous suggestion, who will pay for all these drug screenings? not a government who would rather kill them than help them. its cheaper that way. they dont want to help anyone, including humans.

  6. Vickie Miller

    I have a pit bull that is very frightened by the storm. The first time a storm hit, we did everything for her . Getting under the blankets with her, rubbing her, staying in the bathroom with her,singing to her, nothing worked. It almost looked as if she was having ‘PANIC ATTACKS’. I took a muscle relaxer and cut it in a small piece and it calmed her down within thrity minutes. She was fast asleep throughout the storm. Not all Pitbulls act like that. Don’t judge all pitbulls because of it. It wouldn’t be fair to say just because a “black” man raped a woman, now all the sudden all black men are rapist, WOULD IT? NO! This dog had some serious problems that should have been treated. I’m sorry for the dog but also for the poor lady. All dog owners should realize that this is a breathing soul who needs them as much as you need them. Treat them as you would a child, I guarentee you nothing but SUCCESS!
    Vickie Miller 405-455-1227

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  8. it has been studied and proved that BSL does nothing. it doesn’t prevent dog attacks/bites bc it happens with any breed of dog, it is lunacy to believe its only pitbulls, and its obvious that the general population that believe they should have an opinion on this don’t even know that not every dog that looks like that is a real true pit. It is a breed not a category and ppl lump them all inthe “pit” category. for one thing I found a link of a mass study.of DNA.testing, they took a panel of dog experts and asked their opinion on the breeds of mixed breeds, and

  9. sorry I didn’t mean to post. but some of the.dogs the experts “guessed” as pits and Staffordshire terriers had no pit or Staffordshire terrier blood in them at all. seeing that study made my heart break for all of the.dogs put down that were supposedly pits when there’s a chance they weren’t so at all. same thing as racial profiling. blame irresponsible owners not the breed!