MIAMI-DADE, FL – Commissioners Propose Dangerous Dog Registry

Just weeks after Miami-Dade asked the public to decide the fate of the pit bull ban, two Commissioners propose separate bills to change the current dangerous dog ordinance.

Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz has proposed that officials adopt measures to create an online dangerous dog registry that would be available on Animal Services website.  The registry would include mug-shots and a biography of any dog deemed dangerous, would include the circumstances of any attack, and the owners address.  His proposed ordinance would also increase current fines from $500 to $1000, increasing with repeated offenses upward of $2000.  In addition to the dangerous dog changes, Diaz added increased fines for anyone convicted for abusing an animal.

Commissioner Sally Heyman also proposed a change to the current dangerous dog laws that would require owners of dogs designated dangerous to obtain and maintain $50,000 in liability insurance.

Both measures introduced are non-breed-specific.  According to the Miami-Herald “Whether a yippy Chihuahua biting a mail carrier or a regal Great Dane taking a chunk out of a neighbor, whether on the pet owner’s property or at a park, the penalty would be the same.”

Commissioner Heyman supported removing the ban that targets pit bulls.  Diaz opposed removing the ban and strongly interjected when Legislators considered a state law that would have caused the Miami-Dade ban to fall earlier this year.

Animal Services staff members recalled only one case in more than a decade resulting in a court-ordered euthanizing.  Two American Bulldogs that attacked an 80-year-old man causing life-threatening injuries.  More recently a waitress was attacked by a Cane Corso causing severe injuries.

Neither proposed ordinance addresses the current ban or the fact that other dogs are as dangerous as any dog affected by the ban.

Please visit the Miami-Herald article to vote on the poll:

Should dogs that attack people or other pets have their photographs and owner’s address posted on a Miami-Dade County online registry?

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3 responses to “MIAMI-DADE, FL – Commissioners Propose Dangerous Dog Registry

  1. It’s sealed my family, our dogs and I are no longer moving to Florida.

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  3. Eddie Cintron

    Where is the Freedom To Choose? We live in America where we ahve the right to choose and that includes the breeds that we want to own.
    Slowly but surely our civil liberties are being taken away.
    Thomas Jefferson quoted:
    When Injustice Becomes Law, the Resistance Is Duty.
    He knew what would happen when the government became bigger then the people.
    Should A Canine Be Judge By The Breed That He Was Born As, Or By The Content Of Character It May Become.
    Every canine has issues from puppyhood to adulthood one has to teach and train.
    Punish the deed and not the breed.