We reported that two separate pieces of legislation had been proposed in Miami-Dade and would be voted on Tuesday night.

Officials chose to adopt Commissioner Diaz’s proposed ‘Dangerous Dog Registry’ last night.  The new ordinance increases fines from $500 to $1000 and creates an on-line registry that will allow residents to identify dangerous dogs within their own communities, and permits police officers to take any dog it determines is vicious.

“This is all about being responsible for your animal. I don’t believe in bad dogs, I believe in bad owners,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose Diaz.

Commissioner Lynda Bell wasn’t as certain the registry would be as successful, “I just see so many potential problems for abuse in this legislation.  I really appreciate the intent but I have to say that I appreciate the intent.”

Now, when your dog, no matter the breed or type of dog, bites a person or another pet, your dog’s “mug-shot” will be posted on-line along with your address, and a description of how the bite occurred.
According to Alex Munoz, Animal Services Director, “Any action taken can be appealed to a hearing officer”.
 So, we ask….why does Miami-Dade need a pit bull ban?


  1. Rosemary Concato

    Because they are like most fearful and need a monster to be afraid of:)

  2. Its all about the MONEY!

  3. it’s about control of people, and controlling their pets is just another way to get there. and of course, money……..

  4. Eddie Cintron

    Eddie Cintron | October 3, 2012 at 2:18 am | Reply
    Where is the Freedom To Choose? We live in America where we ahve the right to choose and that includes the breeds that we want to own.
    Slowly but surely our civil liberties are being taken away.
    Thomas Jefferson quoted:
    When Injustice Becomes Law, the Resistance Is Duty.
    He knew what would happen when the government became bigger then the people.
    Should A Canine Be Judge By The Breed That He Was Born As, Or By The Content Of Character It May Become.
    Every canine has issues from puppyhood to adulthood one has to teach and train.
    Punish the deed and not the breed.

  5. Jaymie Chittum

    Miami needs to elect more people like Commisioner Diaz. Pit Bulls are not born mean! Some irresponsible people TEACH them to be mean. Most Pit Bulls are gentle, loving, very loyal & protective. They never show aggression unless it’s necessary to protect children or anyone in their families. Why single out Pit Bulls?

  6. It is another way on controlling the people.. If you really think about it it’s like living in a cummnist world.. It permits police officers to take any dog it determines is vicious..Last week north of Broward I beleive Hollywood, Police officer searching for a criminal in daylight jumped over a fence into a property were a pitbull lived. The Pitbull was trained to protect the property. Instead of knocking on the door of the owners, they did as they please.. PITBUll did attack police officer shot and killed the pitbull. 6 bullets.. i’m a pitbull owner and a responsible owner… I am an American born in the USA were they promise its a free country… We have no freedom, i am forced to keep my pit hiding from society in fear that some Police officer may determine my dog is vicious and take it away…… wHAT WILL BE NEXT?