ETOWAH, TN – Proposed BSL Regulations of Pit Bulls

BSL ALERT: Etowah, Tennessee (First reading already passed)

The city of Etowah, Tennessee is considering an ordinance that would regulate the ownership of pit bulls. The proposal would, among other things, require owners of pit bulls to purchase insurance and would confine dogs to their house or kennel at all times unless the dog requires medical attention. In cases where medical attention is needed, the dog must wear a muzzle in order to leave the property. To be clear, the only time a dog can leave the property of its owner is to go to the vet.

The proposed ordinance defines a “pit bull” as:

-American Pit Bull Terriers;
-American Staffordshire Terriers;
-Staffordshire Bull Terriers; and
-Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of any one or more of the above breeds.

The city commissioners have already passed the first reading of the ordinance, and according to the city clerk, only two readings are required to become law. A second reading could be held at the next commissioner’s meeting on October 22, 2012. Meetings take place at City Hall, 723 Ohio Avenue, and begin at 6:30 EST.

The agenda for the meeting will be available on Friday, October 19. The city clerk advised that there is an open discussion at the end of every council meeting where anyone can speak, but if the vote is taken during the next meeting, it will be too late to make an impact on the commissioners’ decision. If you would like to address the council, please call the city clerk and add your name to the agenda.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to the proposed breed specific ordinance to the Etowah city officials. Please include suggestions and alternatives for their consideration, as well. The only e-mail contact available for the commissioners is via the city clerk. Simply send your correspondence with a polite request that Ms. Tavernese forward it on to each commissioner. You may also fax or snail mail correspondence to City Hall.

City of Etowah
723 Ohio Avenue
Etowah, TN 37331
(423) 263-2202
Fax: (423) 263-3184

City Clerk

City Manager
Matthew Gravley

Thank You Jodi Preis, Bless the Bullys


13 responses to “ETOWAH, TN – Proposed BSL Regulations of Pit Bulls

  1. Needless to say directly. Ghetto for Pit Bull type. For Jews, a ghetto was created in 1939.

  2. so how about just punishing the over breeders,the irresponsible owners? enforce your leash laws! please dont continue this horrible law! do you have any pets? please take a second these dogs to some of us are like our children, we love them to our core,if i had to loose them because of some one else s stupidity and even though my dogs are harmless,one has no teeth please dont take our babies away! its just not fair to punish the innocent and allow those who are guilty go free! you may never know the love of one of these dogs,but i do and i would rather die than have to give them up!

  3. This is the dumbest thing I have ever read in my whole entire life.. Pitbull is just another breed, its all in how you raise a dog. Not the breed! I will state my opinion everyday if I have to this is STUPID. I have a boxer pit mix and I dare somebody to tell me I can’t have him… Get serious y’all are heartless..

  4. Just because a dog is a pitt or any other look a like pitt doesn’t mean that they are going to attack ,in fact i have seen small and more gentle known brreds that can be aggressive,so why put a black cloud over breed specific dogs.I have seen pitts that are just big ole babies. They are what the owners teach them .If they are bad then the owner should be cited for it. but don’t just automatically judge a pitt or pitt look alike because of stories of bad dogs they are not all the same just as people.sterotyping is bad but it happens .

  5. This is total absurd crap…It is racism in the animal world pure & simple. It is like saying all blacks are criminals, murderers, & thugs just because of their skin color. Dogs like people are made up of individuals, good & bad…you should be ashamed of yourselves City of Etowah, TN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lindsay Smith

    I am a citizen of Bradley County and I am completely against this proposed BSL regulation of pit bulls. The behavior and temperament of any breed is solely on how they are trained. I’ve worked in the medical field for almost thirteen years and have seen several patients who have been bitten or attacked by dogs. The worst injuries I saw were from a chocolate lab. Not one of these patients were bitten by a pit bull or terrier of any kind. Of the top of my head, I specifically remember theses breeds. Blue heeler, poodle, Chihuahua, and Lab. These are all breeds who are out around town with families all the time.

  7. I think its stupid and sad tht there trying to ban such a great breed any dog can attack and run out at people its not fair to ban one breed of dog just because people r immature and dk how to handle/control there dogs y should we have to get rid of our dogs dnt punish the breed because of peoples stupid missteaks not all pit bulls r bad and for the ones tht are its not there fault I.have took in a lot of pits tht had problems and worked with.them and rehome them and as of this day they r great dogs and doing Jus fine wit people KIDS and animals if ur goin to ban Jus one breed y not Jus ban all dogs n the city of etowah there more mutts and other dogs tht run loose and run at people then they say pits do anytime anything happens in any dog case people always sayin its a pit even when it ain’t its not fair to Jus get rid of one certain breed wen its all breeds tht bite and go at people

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  10. I’ve worked with dogs a long long time. I love them all. I’ve been bitten several times but NEVER by a pittie. 2 bites from a GSD that I had to go to the hospital over and another mix (who knows) that took a chunk out of me. But you know what I’ve been HURT much, much more by humans than these bites!!!! Breeds aren’t the problem people are. You people are a problem. Punish the right people not the breed.
    Debra Lowry
    La Honda, CA

  11. We are currently fighting this ban in Etowah, TN. We are in the fundraising process for a lawyer. If you would like more information on our group you can go to for more information.

    • I have been bitten and nipped 15 times and NONE were Pitties. GSD – 5 times, others various dogs. I know many wonder Pitt Bulls and many horrible people. I have been hurt much worse by people than the 15 bites by dogs. Get real and don’t blame the breed for bad people.

    • Sherri,

      If you would like to promote the group, please visit Join A Group page and submit your groups info so we can add that for you.

      We’ll do all we can to promote your efforts.