Newark, OH: Council may consider “compromise” over breed-specific ordinance


City Council will have it’s first reading of the revised vicious dog ordinance this evening at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers at City Hall.  Please be in attendance to show support.

Newark, OH:  Council Meeting Reminder:

Council will discuss today two separate communications received pertaining to the request by citizens to repeal it’s breed specific ordinance.    Formal discussion of the proposal is not on today’s agenda, however a letter from Katie Bray Barnett, Esq., an attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, supporting the repeal of Newark’s breed discriminatory law encourages the City to enact a more progressive reckless owner law.  Additionally, an anonymous email received by all council members from a ‘’ has requested that council members schedule a first ever meeting for pit-bull attack victims.

Both of the communications are on today’s meeting agenda.  Residents are encouraged to attend.  There is time designated for comments from citizens directly following the “communications received” portion of the meeting.

The meeting starts at 7:00 P.M. at City Hall. 217 Cynthia Street.
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Residents of Newark, OH, have asked the city to repeal BSL. Newark city council has been extremely reluctant to consider repeal. Councilman Guthrie has suggested that the city consider a “compromise.” At this time, we do not know what that compromise would entail; however, it sounds as if some breed-specific language would be retained.

The next discussion on this issue will be held at the Public Safety Committee meeting on September 24. Hopefully, text of the proposal will be available by then.

Contact info for public officials—please remember to be respectful—and also be aware that resident input will have the MOST impact on this issue.;;;;;;;;;;;

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Guthrie wants city to consider options on vicious dog law

Aug. 21, 2012

NEWARK — City Councilman Marc Guthrie, D-At Large, chairman of the Safety Committee, said he wants to pursue a potential compromise between the city ordinance and state law on vicious dogs.

[…] The committee will discuss the ordinance in a Sept. 24 meeting, Guthrie said.

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  1. BSL laws are NOT necessary. They are unfair to good dogs and good owners. What you SHOULD be concentrating on, is punishing BAD OWNERS.