Lansing, MI – Mayor Considers Pit Bulls and Vicious Dogs A Problem

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is asking City Council to adopt a vicious dog ordinance.  According to Bernero, his office has received numerous phone calls and emails from citizens who are “living in fear” because loose dogs are wreaking havoc in neighborhoods.

According to Lansing Police Chief, Teresa Szymanski, “Officers had to deal with issues related to pit bulls more this summer than previous years.”

Bernero will request that the Council adopt an ordinance that will hold an owner accountable when someone is attacked.  Dogs with a history of being aggressive or violent will be especially targeted.

Bernero expects the ordinance to include fencing and insurance requirements.

“There is no evidence that the issue is going away,” he said.  “This is a dialog whose time has come.  Hopefully, the Council will take it up.”

Details of whether the ordinance will be breed-specific have not been released, but Bernero said “It’s not something that will happen immediately.”

7 responses to “Lansing, MI – Mayor Considers Pit Bulls and Vicious Dogs A Problem

  1. How about banning ignorant people instead!

    • I agree. Dogs are not dangerous unless they have or have had dangerous owners! People are not afraid they are ignorant & would rather just “dispose” of the problem, which is totally & outrageously wrong. Why don’t you”the mayor” call on donations for a stray shelter, it would give the dogs a place to be & give people in the community jobs. I’m a Michigander who left the state due to NO JOBS, so get off you butts & stop acting all victimized & do something to make it better. Otherwise you will just incite emotional rage throughout the community & end up with protesters & drama. Good luck campaigning with all that!

  2. Sounds like Michigan may be going back in time instead of looking at the facts that BSL has FAILED EVERY time like other states and communities that are getting rid of or lessening their bsl laws. Hopefully someone talks sense into Mayor Virg and if they do anything it’ll NOT be breed specific and only be if there is an incident. Punishing innocent dogs and their owners doesn’t do anybody any good. Punish bad owners and hold them accountable for their actions and inactions.

  3. Breed specific legislation does not address the real problem, which is irresponsible owners. I hope that the council in Lansing will realize that punishing responsible owners and their pets is not reasonable!

  4. It isn’t the dogs, it’s the people that raise them. BSL does not work.
    anyone with half a brain knows that.

  5. A dog of any breed can be dangerous if that is how they are taught to be. I know more little dogs that are way more dangerous than big dogs. Are you going to ban chihuahua breeds as well? Ridiculous!!! Stop allowing bad owners to own animals! If a person gets an animal cruelty charge they should NEVER be allowed to own an animal again. I know all about the high dog fighting rate in Michigan. It is wrong on so many levels & should carry a much higher penalty!

  6. Michelle Gallop

    I am from Lansing and always considered it a rather progressive community, but I may reconsider that opinion. I thought there were lease laws that could be enforced prior to unreasonably instituting an unwarranted and ignorant BSL that of course would not solve the problem any more than an unenforced leash law. Irresponsible and ignorant owners are your problem.