Pasadena, CA – Councilman Wants Ban on Pit Bulls

According to the Pasadena Sun, Steve Madison, City Councilman for Pasadena believes a ban on pit bulls should be considered within city limits because he says the ‘powerful and sometimes aggressive dogs pose an inherent threat to public safety.

Steve McNall, President of the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA says that such a law would unfairly punish responsible pit bull owners.

“It’s a discrimination issue, to take somebody’s personal property, a family member, and kill it?  The last time I checked, this is the United States, not Russia.”  McNall said Council would not receive his or any other animal welfare leader’s support.  The Humane Society provides the city with animal control services by contract.

The push for stronger “bully-breed” regulations started five years ago when Councilwoman Margaret McAustin, representing a neighborhood where a ‘group’ of pit bulls roaming at-large bit several people, said she would support stronger laws for Pasadena.

Under the current law, animal control officers can impound dogs that attack people or display other aggressive tendencies.  Officer can also fine owners that do not license their dogs.

McAustin said, “We shouldn’t let up on our efforts to control dangerous breeds, but dogs are trained to be aggressive by people who want aggressive dogs.  We have to get at that behavior, the problem we really have is irresponsible owners and if we can’t regulate the dogs, we have to regulate the owners.”

Due to California state law prohibiting cities from banning any specific breed however, the likelihood of a ban is nil.  Instead, officials are considering that any Pasadena pit bulls be subject to mandatory spay and neutering, an ordinance structured on the current San Francisco law.  You can read more about San Francisco’s breed ID check-list in our previous “Difficulty of Breed Identification Article”.

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE correspondence to:
Mayor Bill Bogaard –
Councilwoman Jacque Robinson, 1st District via Field Representative, Tina Williams –
Ph:  (626) 744-4444
Fax: (626) 396-7300
Councilwoman/Vice Mayor Margaret McAustin, 2nd District –
Ph:  (626) 744-4742
Councilman Chris Holden, 3rd District via Field Representative Jacueline McIntyre – (626) 744-4742
Ph: (626) 744-4738
Fax:  (626) 744-4774
Councilman Gene Masauda, 4th District via Field Representative, Noreen Sullivan –
Ph:  (626) 744-4740
Councilman Victor M. Gordo, Esq, 5th District via Field Representative, Vannia DeLaCuba –
Ph:  (626) 744-4741 or (626) 831-8609
Fax:  (626) 398-1836
Councilman Steve Madison, 6th District –
Ph:  (626) 744-4739
Councilman Terry Tornek, 7th District –
Ph:  (626) 441-4802
Fax:  (626) 441-4806

You may also include correspondence to City Attorney Michele Beal Bagneris by visiting the Pasadena City Attorney’s page and City Manager Michael J. Beck at the City Managers page.

13 responses to “Pasadena, CA – Councilman Wants Ban on Pit Bulls

  1. To the city of Pasadena,

    Y’all don’t need a ban on Pit Bulls. What you need is to aggressively enforce the laws you already have on the books, laws which apply to all dogs regardless of breed (or mix of breeds).

    • PitandDobielover

      The only laws erected should be to regulate uneducated and irresponisble owners! These animals are sweet lovable creatures and should not have to suffer due to the ignorance of man. If Pasadena wants to attack and blame someone, blame the people not the animals!

  2. Any dog can be aggressive. There is one breed always singled out. First it was German Shepherds, then Dobermans, Chows, Rottweilers, now Pit Bulls. A smaller breed will bite and ask questions later. But there is no ban or restrictions on chihuahuas or terriers. I own two Pits, neither one is dog or people aggressive. As an owner I keep them in a fenced yard and are always on leash to walk. Pit Bulls are intelligent, loyal and protective of their family. Please contact Tia Torres or anyone at Villalobos rescue for a full education on Pit Bulls. Or any Pit rescue. Watch PitBulls and Parolees on Animal Planet. These dogs are loveable family pets. Not everyone should own a Pit, I’ll agree, but it’s the owners that make the dog react the way it does.

    • couldnt of said it better myself. I own 5 pits…they are so loveable. They attack you with kisses when you come into my house.

  3. I agree 100% with Jan and Tony. I’m 74yrs old and if I’d have known about Pits years ago I’d never have had another breed.ZOE is 73lbs and 10-1/2yrs old and the greatest dog I’ve ever had. Gentle, fun, and not agressive at all. It’s how they’re raised, and, no, they don’t all of a sudden turn on their owners. There’s always a reason, if they do. Please watch the people, don’t condemn the dogs. Thank You. ;-)

  4. What there should be a ban on is ignorance and the city should start with Steve Madison. Clearly after such an ignorant statement this person should have been removed from the council as a resident I would be terribly concerned with such type people spewing ignorance in the city, “powerful and sometimes aggressive city council members pose an inherent threat to public safety” is what should be in question and what to do about them.

  5. Not only am I proud to be serving my City, I rescued a pit bull. As an owner of poodles and springer spaniels, I never experienced the sensitivity and love from them that I received from my sweet pit bull. When I enrolled my pit bull in training, they said she could be a wonderful therapy dog. I will show up at Council and work to champion these targeted dogs. Hold people accountable… not a breed for goodness sake. Like children, dogs are also a product of their environment. In the wrong hands all breeds can be abused and trained against their will. They can’t speak up or defend themselves. Do you blame a child for violence or do you hold the childs environment and those raising it responsible? This is wrong, I will stand strong for this breed and I am sad to hear this city is even thinking of heading in this direction. Not the Pasadena I would be proud to visit or live in.

  6. They are wonderful, wonderful dogs. Steve Madison needs to get to know some families with Pits and get to know the dogs. Perhaps then he’ll realize he is mistaken.

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  8. why does everyone blame the dog. We need stricter laws for people that abuse this breed and any other animal. Alabama has great laws on that. I read a horrifying article where this guy was mad at his mom so he tied her pit to a fence and beat it severely then caught it on fire. His sister called 911 and the fire dept rushed it to a vet where they were prepared to put the dog out of his misery and they just couldnt do it cause he was still crawling their lap and wagging his tail so they fought for it and after all that he still loves humans and is in a great home. The guy got 9 years in jail….yaaaaay for alabama. I own 5 pitties they are my babies. I would never own another breed. I work with dogs and pitties are the friendlest ones I come across.

  9. Mr. Madison is spouting nonsense. He knows California will not allow BSL. He’s been in District 6, for 14 years and like all “lifers” he is ineffective and pompous. His “thing” is public safety. Really? Steve Madison was one of the first to “sell out” his local constituency and propose an NFL team take over the Rose Bowl in 2005. I’m sure that would have had a nice positive effect on safety!

    District 6 constituents need to be reminded that it took a mailing campaign to 9,000 homes to get Steve Madison to repeal his support.
    People however forgot that and re-elected him in 2011. People pay attention and vote them out next election!

  10. I am so tired of hearing about a ban on pitbulls, why dont we lock up every owner that does not know how to watch their pets and it could be any breed.. its people like this councilmen that does not know what he is talking about. And even every ignorant state that bans or tells people what to do with the spay or neutering of any dog. Why dont we just spay and neuter any person that is a menace to society.
    I have two pit bulls and let me tell every single ignorant person, it is how you raise the dog! and if you have never raised a pit or been around one. It would be best to focus on something more important,
    My dogs are loyal and well raised, I do like it now that people will think twice about coming up to me, because of the stigma society has given this poor helpless dog. There are many reasons a dog barks. And since she cannot talk, it is a way to express herself, when she asks why are you afraid of me or why dont you like me. Blame the people not the dog. Maybe we should just put the people to sleep. Instead of a poor innocent dog.

  11. As a proud Bully breed owner, an ambassador to the breed, a California resident, and an Upstanding citizen of the U.S.A. I am truly disgusted at the ignorance of ALL the appointed members of the city of Pasadena. Breed specific legislation (BSL) is wrong, unfair to the owners, and to the animals in question. As an in home customer service professional I encounter all breeds of animals, all types of people, in all types of situations, and living conditions. Only once have I been in contact with a Pit Bull type dog that concerned me. This dog was kept outside, chained to a tree with a heavy chain and a chain as a collar. this dog was a Guard dog for some unsavory people to say the least. However I cant even begin to count the aggressive small dog breeds that I have encountered especially the Cocker Spaniel. We must stand together and let the political members of all cities, including Pasadena that we as citizens will not stand for this or any fraction of BSL. We must show them that 99% of these dogs are truly awesome animals just like 99% of people are upstanding citizens. There are bad dogs out there, some are pit bulls, most are not. However we as the superior being are in control of these animals, it is our fault as to how they are raised, turn out, and behave due to lack of training ans irresponsible pet ownership. RESPONSIBLE pet ownership is the key here. “Punish the deed not the breed” holds true. This includes ALL BREEDS including the irresponsible pet owner that allowed the behavior, they deserve punishment as well. The Bully breed of dogs are truly amazing animals loved by many familys. Please lets stand together and get the word out however that may be (word of mouth , SOCIAL MEDIA, attending the city council meeting with your loveable bully breed, et ) and stop this in its tracks. BSL is contagious and is spreading like wild fire.. Your breed may be next, then what? no more Labs, Cocker Spaniels, Golden retrivers. This is the USA, stand up for ourselves ……….