Newark OH – Council May Vote On Vicious Dog Measure Tonight


NEWARK — City Council could take final action tonight on a proposal to change the city’s vicious dog law by removing pit bulls from the automatic status of vicious or dangerous dog, while still establishing special rules for pit bull breeds.

Council will meet at 7:00 P.M. this evening, this is a second reading of the measure that would require pit bull type dogs to be restricted by a kennel with a lid, a tether or behind a 6-foot fence.

The vote is expected to end in a tie, requiring Council President, Don Ellington, to vote.

Councilman Rath introduced the compromised measure for pit bull type dogs, but other Council members, such as Bill Cost have stated they cannot support the measure as written.

The city’s safety director and animal control officer have both recommended keeping Newark’s current law which automatically identifies any dog deemed ‘pit bull’ to be a vicious dog.

Contact info for public officials—please remember to be respectful—and also be aware that resident input will have the MOST impact on this issue.;;;;;;;;;;;

One response to “Newark OH – Council May Vote On Vicious Dog Measure Tonight

  1. Pamela Compton

    As a constant pet owner since age 4, I have owned and cared for many different breeds and species of animals and birds including a skunk, a doberman, a ridgeback and now a pit. I was reluctant at first due to the “reputation” and opinions of others but as a responsible owner I took classes, had her registered and spayed. All to realize that the reputation and opinions were completely false and unjustified. The pit breed as with any other select animal at the time of convience is simply another target to direct ignorance and fear. Same as the Salem Witch Trials. No different. It’s something for negativity to feed on and take up tax payers money. These dogs are loyal, dedicated, friendly and protective. You treat them as any other animal. With patience, understanding and respect. If you want something to dedicate your time and money to try finding out WHY something happens. Not just because it’s a certian animal. Could be illness, or mainly the way they were treated or what humans have taught them. There’s an idea. Direct your “Breed Select Legislation” to the two legged breed and not the four. That’s where most are taught and trained from. Again, “Judge the deed. Not the breed.”