Aberdeen, SD – Pit Bull Ban Discussion

During a work session last night, city officials in Aberdeen, South Dakota discussed the possibility of implementing a pit bull ban in the city limits. We learned a few weeks ago that the city council agreed to revisit the city’s animal control ordinance after the issue was brought up by a resident at the last council meeting.

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2 responses to “Aberdeen, SD – Pit Bull Ban Discussion

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  2. I am sixteen and as a teen I understand that it is not the breed that is bad it is the owner of the dog. You cannot ban a certain race of people from a city so what makes dogs different? They are many people’s families. If you want to ban the dog how about just take the dog away from the bad owners go through a test to see if the owners are capable of handling such a breed and if they are not do not ban the dog ban the person from having that dog. This is just another kind of racism twords another type of animal. It is wrong, many dogs get put down just for being called a pitbull while they have never done wrongs. Please before you ban this breed of dogs watch the documentary ‘Beyond The Myth’ I believe that If a 16 year old knows that this is wrong people hired to make laws to protect should know this too. If not they should not be in office. Thank you.