Chesterfield, MO – Repeals Pit Bull Legislation


Chesterfield, Missouri! Bill No. 2909, which amends the “Dangerous Animals” ordinance to REMOVE all the breed specific language was APPROVED at the second reading on December 3rd, 2012!

Way to go Chesterfield!


Chesterfield, Missouri Council members will meet at 7:00 PM tonight, Monday, December 3rd to move forward with removal of the cities current breed specific legislation REPEAL.

If you are in the area, please attend the meeting in effort to show your support of this action.

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One response to “Chesterfield, MO – Repeals Pit Bull Legislation

  1. I think this is so ridiculous… FIRST OFF it’s the owners that arn’t rightfully trained or knowlegdable enough to know enough about high maintance and personality of some dogs. It makes me so mad because people just adopt animals because THEY want a campanion, THEY think there cute.. They usually get the animal for selfish reason and nevwr realize ur giving that pet a home, somewhere they feel at home. A lot of people lack training there dog, or anything. So please dont BLAME the animals that only do what is in there nature when unproperly trained! Blame the owners!