Maryland Legislature Proposes Bill to Reverse Solesky Decision

The Maryland legislature has proposed a bill that would reverse the Solesky v. Tracey Court of Appeals’ ruling finding pit bulls “inherently dangerous.” The bill is breed neutral, and it doesn’t hold landlords liable for tenant dog attacks. The reality is that the Solesky decision has resulted in landlords refusing to rent to pit bull owners.

The bill limits liability, allows owners to prove there was no prior evidence of violent behavior, and allows for defense of the animal’s behavior.

A hearing will be held on HB78 on January 30, 2013.

The Senate companion bill, SB160, has not yet been set for a hearing, but it looks to be in line to be heard at or around the same date as the House bill.

If approved, the bill will pass as emergency legislation and take effect immediately.

MARYLAND RESIDENTS: Please reach out to your respective legislators and encourage them to support the compromise bill which would reverse the Maryland Court of Appeals’ ruling and return the state to the law as it existed before the Court’s ruling.

Residents of Maryland can find their legislators here.

We have discussed the twisted legal journey of  Solesky v. Tracey in depth here. As soon as we can get a copy of the bill, we will publish and analyze it here on StopBSL. Stay tuned.


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  1. Maryland legislators will consider a bill this week that could over turn the state appeal’s court ruling this April that said pit bulls are inherently dangerous.