Dodge City Kansas resident requests breed ban be overturned

A Dodge City resident has approached the city commission to request that they repeal their 7 year old breed ban.  City Ordinance 3382 was said to have been instituted in 2005 to combat dog fighting and increase public safety.

Resident Trisha Martinez presented the municipal bite data showing that despite an increase in pit bull type dogs, bites from those dogs remain minimal.

Other data Martinez presented included a record of reported domestic animal bites in Dodge City since 2008. The data showed the pit bull breed having been the culprit in only two, 4 percent, of the 43 reported bites in 2012; Chihuahuas accounted for seven bites, shepard breeds accounted for four, and poodles were listed four times. In 2008, 2010, and 2011, no pit bull bites were reported. Dodge City Police Chief Craig Mellecker said he attributes the decrease in pit bull related incidents to good, responsible pet owners.

Read more from the Dodge Globe article.

Public information officer for Dodge City, Jane Longmeyer said that Martinez’s request is still in the discussion phase with the city commission but officials are looking into it.

Residents and locals please respectfully reach out to the Dodge City officials and let them know that change is needed. Contact information for various city officials can be found on the Dodge City official city website.

One response to “Dodge City Kansas resident requests breed ban be overturned

  1. Kudos to this woman. Hopefully other local citizens will jump on board. Providing those in power accurate, thorough and current information for their review is the tactic to take, but more voices need to represent also. Usually one person is the precipitant of change. It takes courage but someone has to do it. Just because a law is in place doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reviewed for efficacy on a regular basis.