Waterford Michigan considers repeal of breed ban

On January 7th a proposal was submitted to the city of Waterford, Michigan requesting changes to their dog ordinance. These changes include a repeal of their ban on pit bull type dogs.  The ban has been in place since 1989 but Waterford continues to have issues with dogs at large and owner irresponsibility.

The people behind the attempt to repeal have constructed a fantastic breed neutral approach to take the bans place.  Mary Dunham the president of O.D.O.G.S (Oakland County Dog Ownership Group and Specialists) discussed the details in a recent article in The Oakland Press.

“All animals would be microchipped. If a dog bites or shows aggression, it would have to be temperament-tested…If the dog goes through the program and is certified, it can stay in the township”

The specifics of the proposal will be released soon.

Residents and locals: Support is needed to show the council that breed neutral is the path to a safer community.  Please attend the next township meeting or contact your council members and city attorney to show support.  You can find their information on the cities website.

An information session will be held at the Waterford Township Library, 5168 Civic Dr. Waterford, MI, 48329, on February 7th at 6:30. This meeting is to inform residents about what changes are being sought and to answer any concerns that they may have.

The next township meeting is February 11th at 6pm at 5200 Civic Dr. Waterford, MI, 48329. The ban will be discussed that night.

There are two Facebook events coordinating residents. The O.D.O.G.S event page can be viewed here. A second event page can be viewed here. You must be logged onto Facebook to view the events.

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