Press release issued from group tackling Waterford MI ban

We have received a press release and a copy of the proposal for Waterford Michigan from O.D.O.G.S, Oakland County Dog Ownership Group and Specialists.

The proposal can be found here, Purpose Amendment to Chapter 3 Article III Sec-1.

Residents your support is needed.  There is opposition to repealing the ban so continue to reach out to your local representatives and ask them to support this proposition and, along with it,  repealing the ban. Spread the word to your local friends and family.  Make your voices heard.


Local Groups Educates the Community about Breed Specific Discrimination and ask The Waterford Township Board of Trustees for Change

The next Waterford Twp. Board of Trustees Meeting is Monday, February 11, 2013 at 6pm

WATERFORD, Mich. – February 5, 2013 – Oakland County Dog Ownership Group and Specialists (O.D.O.G.S.) is asking the Waterford Township Board of Trustees to modify the current Breed Discrimination Legislation and replace it with Responsible Pet Ownership Law. The purpose of the modification is to protect the community from all dangerous dogs, no matter what breed they are.

“Breed bans don’t make a lot of sense because half of the dogs in the U.S. are mixed. Research shows that even trained shelter workers are wrong 87.5% of the time when identifying breed,” said Melissa Szumlinski, certified dog trainer and Co-Founder/Director of Operations for Dog Aide

Mary Dunham- High started O.D.O.G.S. in 2011 after her family pet, Keane, was labeled a pit bull and Waterford Township demanded a DNA test. A lot of heartache, time off work and $170 later they received the results that Keane was in fact a “lab mix”.

“Our family was overjoyed when we got the news that Keane was not mixed with pit bull because in Waterford Township if your dog is 1% or more pit bull you cannot keep your pet in the community,” Mary said. “The way the current breed discrimination legislation is written does not protect the community from dangerous dogs, it simply bans a breed.”

A community survey was launched on Facebook and comments included:

“Residents and their pets would be safer with responsible pet ownership law because every dog is then being evaluated as an individual, instead of what it looks like, which is irrelevant to behavior and temperament.”

“If the board of trustees modified the current law the township would send a clear message of inclusiveness to all responsible pet owners that Waterford is a great, progressive, place to live.”

All people that live and/or work in Waterford Township are encouraged to attend a Question and Answer Forum on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the Waterford Library, 5168 Civic Center Dr., Waterford Township, MI 48329.

The next Waterford Township Board of Trustees meeting is Monday, February 11, 2013 at 6 p.m. at 5200 Civic Center Dr., Waterford Township, MI 48329.

Media Contact:

Melissa Szumlinski

Mary Dunham- High

Alicia Long

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