Orrville Ohio Repeals breed specific law

We received a heads up from an unnamed source that Orrville Ohio has repealed their breed specific law and have confirmed this is in fact true!  This repeal is already in affect. The minutes from the first meeting cite the repeal of Ohio’s state law one of the reasons for the change, as well as the hard work of advocates out there.  The minutes of that meeting can be found here. In a meeting on Dec. 17th 2012 the second reading took place and a unanimous vote repealed their BSL.  The minutes of the second meeting can be found here.

The portion relating to BSL is as follows…

Leathers moved that Ordinance W-12 be place on 2nd reading. Aspiras seconded. Roll call vote. All ayes. Motion carried. ORDINANCE W-12, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 505 RELATING TO DANGEROUS AND VICIOUS DOGS OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF ORRVILLE, OHIO, AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY.

Baker: Second reading on this one. Anyone have any comments this evening? I see none.
Leathers moved that the rules, regulations, and statutes requiring the reading of an ordinance on three separate days be suspended. Corfman seconded. Roll call vote. All ayes. Motion carried.
Leathers moved that Ordinance W-12 be adopted as read. Shupp seconded. Roll call vote. All ayes. Motion carried.

The current breed neutral ordinance can be found in our file Orrville Ohio’s breed neutral ordinance.

The old ordinance is no longer on the website but the wording of the portion in question is the following.

“(4) A. “Vicious dog” means a dog that, without provocation and subject to subsection (a)(4)B. hereof, meets any of the following:

1. Has killed or caused serious injury to any persons;

2. Has caused injury, other than killing or serious injury to any person, or has killed another dog;

3. Is a pit bull terrier, the ownership, keeping or harboring of such a dog shall be prima-facie evidence of the ownership, keeping or harboring of a vicious dog.”

Congratulations to Orrville and the hard working advocates out there fighting BSL.

4 responses to “Orrville Ohio Repeals breed specific law

  1. yayyyyyy! at last there are some intelligent people still out there!!!!

  2. This is true, I was at the city council meeting to witness it. It was a great moment. Much thanks to Joshua Hunt a police officer,pit owner and advocate for pleading the pit case so wonderfully! Good job Josh and Orrville. Next on the agenda is to have council reverse their stance on banning Pits from the dog park! Progress is happening

  3. Pam Eikleberry

    good for you Orrville!

  4. WTG Orville.