Maryland bill to address breed discrimination by insurance tabled

A little while ago we issued an alert for a bill that was introduced in Maryland to prevent breed discrimination by insurance companies.

As a result of the hearings on this bill the committee has decide to table the bill to wait and see what is any effects the court of appeals ruling of Tracey v. Solesky will have on dog owners in the insurance market.

Tabling a bill is not uncommon, and is usually done as a measure to gather more information so the bill does not have to be refiled and start over from the beginning.

While this is not necessarily the best outcome it is not the worst either.  Legislators have shown a willingness to keep the matter open for discussion.

3 responses to “Maryland bill to address breed discrimination by insurance tabled

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  2. I take issue with your statement that their tabling the issue isn’t the worst either…

    Can you please say that statement again to the faces of the families who, between now and January 2014, have to make the worst decision of their lives — to choose between sacrificing the life of an innocent family member and having their entire family evicted?
    Can you please say that statement to the dogs — most of which are NOT purebred pitbulls, as the law states — that will be dumped and languish in a kill shelter until they are put to death?

    Hundreds of dogs who’ve done nothing wrong… hundreds of families who have no choice… hundreds of landlords who are left to interpret a breed law that they don’t understand…

    So yes, this is the worst. DELAYING is just as bad. Because it is still the system FAILING these people and dogs. Hundreds, if not thousands, will die between now and January 2014 because of this delay.

    So I would ask you to please rethink that statement.

    • This is not the bill to address the Court of appeals ruling. This bill was specifically targeted to insurance companies. The bills that address the court of appeals rulings were a completely separate and individual set of bills unrelated to the topic of this post.