New bill filed to allow BSL in Massachusetts

A little while ago we received word about SD (Senate Docket) 1247 that would create an exemption from the new state law the prohibits breed specific legislation.

This bill has been renamed and has been sent to the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. SB 969 is the same as SD 1247.  The wording is identical, in that it will insert an exemption into the new comprehensive animal control law that would allow a municipality to prove through municipal bite statistics that they should be allowed to enact a breed specific law.

Massachusetts Residents:  Swift action is needed.  Reach out to your legislators and the members of the committee and ask them to opposed this bill.  Committee members can be found here. Specific legislators can be found on the government website, or if you are uncomfortable composing your own correspondence Best Friends Animal Society has created an alert form here.

9 responses to “New bill filed to allow BSL in Massachusetts

  1. candace taylor

    Pleasse, educate before you vote. BSL is ignorant and wrong.

  2. Please don’t discriminate! BSL is an incredible injustice to a beautiful breed!!!

  3. the problem is not the breed…it’s the garbage that use these beautiful dogs for profit…what needs to be controlled, monitored and vanished is the acts by these two legged animals

  4. please dont allow BSL in massachussetts its not the breed its the owners & how they raise them.

    • I like to think its more about how a dog is managed. If it was about how they were raised, most adult rescue dogs would never be able to be adopted for one reason or another. The Vick dogs would not be where they are now and police dogs would not be able to retire with their families.

  5. I have been involved in rescue for years. I have a non profit cat sanctuary & I advocate for the APBT & all Bully breeds. I have literally been around hundreds & never been afraid of one!
    BSL is ignorant, it is discrimination at it’s worst because it’s based on hysteria.
    The APBT was known as the ‘nanny dog’ is used by our military, police & as therapy/service animals. Why? Because of their temperment! Sadly the media shows are the ‘bad’ dogs CREATED by EVIL animal ABUSERS. Wouldn’t you lash out if you were tethered by a short 75lb chain, had no human contact except when used as bait or forceably raped to breed for profit OVER & OVER, or used to

    fight, never brought in a house, never pet, never played with, never knowing the comfort of a rug or bed, never knowing what it is to play? Your fate, once you’re used up a bullet to the head if you’re lucky. Some are drowned, some hung…this is the life of the oncered reve

  6. …(cont) once revered, now feared ‘Pit Bull’.
    I am particularly upset because this is my home state. SHAME ON YOU! a beautiful LOYAL breed & their only fault is that loyalty is what abusers use against them. They do anything to please. This breaks my heart that Ma. may follow in the ignorant footsteps of other cities/states & not take a stand & do the RIGHT thing!

  7. “Comments on posts are moderated for tone, not position/opinion.
    OK: Add’l info, queries, opinion, intelligent discussion
    Not OK: Dog attack stories…”

    How about dog attack statistics?
    are they censored too?

    Why are “Dog attack stories” forbidden?

    • Dog attack stories are forbidden because they are just that, stories. There is no reliable verification and always vary from source to source and day to day.

      Dog bite statistics would be OK once we vet the source and verify they are accurate. We are extremely interested in dog bite statistics and community safety. There is probably no study that you could present that we have not seen. Since not one major organization tracks bites by breed because of the difficulties in determining breed, any “studies” that single out any breed would not be acceptable. It is an immediate flag that there is an agenda aside from protecting the community. This includes those studies people throw around saying the Dachshunds are the most “aggressive” of all dogs.

      In the interest of disclosure, I edited your post because part of tone is excessive capitalization, but thought it was important to answer your question about our posting guidelines.